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How To Fully Understand The Biblical Analogy Of The “marathon” Of Faith

The life of faith is often compared to a foot race. It’s like running twenty-six miles in a marathon, racing full speed toward the finish line. Let's take an in-depth look at the history of the Olympic Games.

Discover The Hope And Help Found In The Bible

Let's go back to the basics of the gospel. If you need fresh wind in your sails today, perhaps a little encouragement and perspective, join the conversation . . . it’s all about strengthening your faith.

An Interesting Look At The Battle For The Mind

There’s a battle that has raged for centuries, between the ideas of the world and the truth of Scripture. Discover how the doctrines of Scripture hold up to other religious ideas of the ages.

Looking To God’s Word For Guidance On Putting Spiritual Things Over Material Things

Whether you have a lot of money, or a little, you may be tempted to let your checkbook control your life. Discover help from the Scriptures to adjust your perspective.

Letting The Scriptures Change Our Actions And Attitudes

It’s not always easy to put God’s Word into practice in our lives. Take a practical look at the life-changing Scriptures.

Discover The Importance Of Taking God’s Word To Heart

Perhaps you’ve read the Bible cover to cover, you’ve memorized the key verses, but have you let the Scriptures affect the way you live?

Rediscover The Powerful Truths Presented In Scripture

For those of us who’ve grown up in the church, it can be easy to think we’ve learned all we can from the Bible.

A Look At Taxes And Tax Collectors From Jesus’ Perspective

Taxes remain a big issue in the political world today and things were no different in Jesus’ time. An honest look at tax collectors and the graceful way Jesus welcomed them into the family of believers. Are you having a hard time forgiving someone who’s wronged you?

Discover A Whole New Perspective On The Pharisees In The New Testament

It isn’t always easy to put the commands of Scripture into everyday practice. Are you trying to live by all the rules, but you’re just plain worn out?

Take A Look At Some Of The Key Players In The New Testament

An in-depth look at the transition period between the Old and New Testaments starting with a devout religious group called Pharisees.

A Bird’s-eye View To What Is Called The Inter–testamental Period Of The Bible

There’s a lot that took place between the Old Testament and the New Testament. And when we understand this important time period, we see the New Testament Scriptures in a whole new light.

Discover The Old Testament Scriptures Leading Up To The Coming Of Christ

The story of God’s people is written all throughout the Bible. It’s designed to introduce you to the Scriptures in a deeper way!

Examine The Fascinating Timeline Between The Old And New Testaments

It’s important to get a handle on the historical context of the Bible so we’re better able to apply the Scriptures to our lives today!

The Scripture Surrounding Christ’s Birth In Light Of The Historical Context

The stories in the Bible aren’t myths or legends; they are actual events that occurred in history.

Ever Wonder What Took Place During The 400 Years Between The Old And New Testament?

You might not have realized this, but there were 400 years in between the writing of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Discover what took place during this pivotal time period.