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An Intimate Relationship That Stands The Test Of Time And Trials

Final Discover the Word comments on building a deep marriage relationship.

Find Out How To Safeguard Your Marriage Relationship

What makes a marriage last . . . through good times and bad?  The foundation of a marriage between two followers of God is a promise.

How To Cultivate Your Marriage . . . Through Good Times And Bad

All relationships take work . . . but none more so than a marriage. Going through a difficult season with your husband or wife?

An Insightful Dialogue On Building Up Relationships

It isn’t easy to ask for forgiveness when you realize you’ve been in the wrong. And it isn’t easy to forgive someone when they’ve hurt you deeply. And yet, forgiveness is a necessary ingredient in restoring relationships.

Practical Advice On How To Resolve Differences In A Productive Way

It’s hard to picture an argument bringing two people closer together . . . and yet, when you handle conflict in a positive way . . . that’s exactly what happens!


Sound, Biblical Advice To Resolving Disagreements In Your Marriage

No relationship is without conflict. And too often, when arguments begin . . . we spend more time attacking the other person’s character than we do addressing the root issue!

Better Solutions To Resolving Disagreements

Handling conflict in marriage is a difficult process, isn’t it? Our natural tendency is to walk away, or even worse . . . say things we’ll regret later.

The Dangers Of Avoiding Conflict In Marriage

Unaddressed issues are the enemy of strong, healthy marriages. Biblical advice on how to resolve disagreements in your home . . .

Practical Tools To Get Through Those Tough Conversations

When disagreements flare up in relationships . . . you can’t always shy away from confrontation. Sometimes the issue is just too big to let go. Struggling through an issue with a loved one?

Practical Ways To Handle Those Touchy Situations At Home

Anger isn’t unique to marriage . . . but it can certainly be intensified within the close relationship between husband and wife. Perhaps you’re dealing with a particular “hot spot” in your relationship.

Challenges We Face In Sharing Our Heart With Others

Communication is more than just talking about the weather. Often it involves divulging our most private thoughts . . . at the risk of someone else’s scrutiny.

Ways To Break Through Disagreements And Get To The Heart Of The Matter

Communication is key to developing a close, intimate relationship with your spouse. But often, it’s in open dialogue that conflict arises! Sound familiar?

Communicating, Especially In Times Of Conflict, Is Key To Developing A Close, Intimate Relationship

When disagreements arise in marriage . . . sometimes it’s easier to keep quiet rather than argue. Not seeing eye to eye with your spouse?

Ways To Resolve Disagreements In A Healthy, Positive Way

Conflict is a part of life . . . and often a part of marriage! It’s nearly impossible to bring two different perspectives into a relationship and never disagree on something.

Hot Topics That Start Quarrels Among Couples

It’s impossible for two people to share life together and never get into a disagreement. Conflict is inevitable, even in a strong marriage!