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Who was the wisest person who ever lived?

Was the illustrious King Solomon the wisest person who ever lived? Join us for the conclusion of our study on Solomon as we discover that Jesus is the one who possessed all truth and insight!

Wise action and foolish mistakes

The men and women of the Bible are not only fascinating characters, but their lives serve as vivid examples we can learn from. Join us for another insightful conversation about the wise actions and foolish mistakes of Solomon.

A message of caution and wisdom

In life, it's not how you start the journey but how you finish that counts. Join us as we continue studying the example of Solomon, a man who began as the wisest man on earth, but crashed and burned toward the end.

The danger of replacing a relationship with God with the pursuit of wisdom

Solomon's life is a reminder that you can be the wisest person on the planet and still make foolish mistakes. Today we continue learning from the story of Solomon.

Discover how wisdom is given freely to those who ask

Trace a wide and winding river backwards and you'll find it originates from a single spring. Today we'll look past the overwhelming wisdom displayed by Solomon to study the Source of his knowledge.

Find out what comes first: wisdom or knowledge

Wisdom and knowledge seem to be two distinct things. And yet, they also appear to be intertwined. Join us as we unravel the question by continuing our study of Solomon.

How can we learn from Solomon's radical display of God-given wisdom?

God had graciously given Solomon wisdom and that gift was put to the test in a difficult case involving two prostitutes with babies!

Discover the practical side of wisdom by looking at the wisest man who lived

What does it mean to be "wise"? Is there more to "wisdom" than simply knowledge? Solomon's example shows us that wisdom includes moral discernment.

Discover the important relational element of wisdom

When they hear the word "wisdom," a lot of people envision a collection of facts and figures that is stored up in our head. But there is a practical side to wisdom -- its relational element!

Let's learn from a man who found wisdom in his sleep

People look for it in school, in books, or in real-life experiences, but still may never find it. So the question is, where do we find wisdom? Join our discussion as we begin a new study on "The Wisdom of Solomon."

How to gain wisdom when handling both victories and losses with grace

No matter how smart we are, we won’t win every argument. So how can we be humble when we win and gracious when we lose? Let's study the book of Job.

Job’s place in Scripture, and the lessons we can learn from this story of faith

Compared to the uplifting or encouraging books of the Bible, the book of Job seems to stand out like a sore thumb.

Come face-to-face with the living, breathing Word of God

We usually think of God’s Word as a leather-bound book full of godly wisdom and instruction. Let's reveal that God’s Word is more than a book it’s a Person!

Fresh insight into becoming a man or woman of wisdom

We all want to make wise choices, and not look foolish. But grasping true wisdom doesn’t always come naturally! Practical application from God’s Word.

Discover how having wisdom impacts what we say

Our words can either build others up, or tear them down. Hear the challenging study in Proverbs 31.