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Do You Know What It Means To Be A Modern-day Pharisee? Part 76

Do you know someone who’s heavily invested in the rules of the Christian walk, and forgets about the affectionate relationship with the living God? Perhaps you’ve fallen into this trap a time or two!

One Man Shares His Story About Dealing With Job Loss

The number of people out of work right now is staggering. Perhaps you’ve lost a job recently, or know someone who has. After spending years helping people deal with job termination, Chuck shares his story about dealing with job loss.

The Relational Fallout And Working Through The Grieving Process Of Job Loss

When someone loses their job, they aren’t the only ones affected. Often a spouse feels the pain just as deeply. Discover how to work through the grieving process together.

Practical Tools On How To Get Through A Season Of Unemployment

So much of our life is spent at work. And when we lose our jobs, it can deliver a crushing blow.

Practical Tools For Launching A Successful Job Search

Looking for a job is never easy, but when the economy is tanking and new jobs are scarce, it can feel downright discouraging.

Practical Ways You Can Help Those Dealing With Unemployment

In this difficult economy, a lot of people are out of work. We see it on the news, in our communities, our churches, even our own homes. Discover practical ways you, and your church, can help those dealing with unemployment, or the loss of income.

Does God Care About My Work? Part 1

We spend most of our lives on the job. And yet, the subject of employment rarely comes up in sermons on Sunday morning.

Discover How God Cares A Great Deal About Your Work Part 2

You may be surprised to hear that the Bible says a lot about your occupation. So often we think God only cares about the spiritual aspect of our lives, but God also cares about our work.

A Fascinating Discussion About Your Occupation Part 3

Your work, your attitude, your service, matters to God! God wants to engage us in every aspect of our lives, even on the job!

Take A Look At How Your Faith And Your Job Intersect Part 4

Sometimes work is boring. And at times, the monotony is more than you can bear! Well, even when the routine makes you feel insignificant, you can be sure that your work matters to God!

Need To Find Some Significance In Your Job? Part 5

Whether we work in a church, an office building or the home, our work matters to God! We all have the capacity to serve God, no matter what occupation we’ve chosen.

Find Out What God’s Word Says About Vocation And Faith Part 6

Many of us have fallen into the habit of thinking that because our careers aren’t directly related to ministry, they don’t have any value in building God’s kingdom. Let's continue a helpful series on the theology of work.

Our Work Matters To God! Part 7

It’s far more than just getting a paycheck. Whether you spend your work days in the church, an office, or at home, the responsibilities we carry out can and should glorify God.

Gain A Renewed Perspective On God’s View Of Our Vocation And Faith Part 8

Whether you’re changing diapers, or sitting in the corner office, your attitude about work matters to God!

Whatever Work God Has Given Us To Do, Let’s Do It With All Of Our Hearts! Part 9

We all want to make a difference in the world around us. Some minister from the pulpit, others are a voice of reason in politics or the business community. Another helpful discussion on the theology of work.