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Let’s Take A Deeper Look At The Theology Of Work

The Bible says we’re to conduct ourselves in the workplace for the glory of God. But what does that really mean? Can doing those mundane tasks in your workday truly be honoring to God?

How Is Our Work A Partnership With God?

Whether you work in the office, in the home, or through volunteer projects, we all have a job to do. A fresh perspective to get you through the workweek.

A Compelling Discussion On God’s View Of Work

We all have daily responsibilities, whether paid or unpaid, public or private. And when we do our work with the right spirit and attitude, God is honored!

Uncovering God’s Plan For The Responsibilities He’s Given Us

When you look back on your workweek you probably notice that some aspects of your job are enjoyable, while others are just plain tedious. Whether you work in the office or the home, this helpful discussion is for you!

Challenges We Face In Business As The Result Of Sin In The World

We live in a fallen world. And as a result, the work we do isn’t always pleasant!

Consider What The Bible Has To Say About Work

We spend most of our time working at one job or another, but how often do we sit down and consider what the Bible says about work? A fascinating discussion on the theology of work.

The Importance Of Love And How To Live It Out Each Day With Focus

In Matthew chapter 22, Jesus gave us the greatest commandment, to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

What The Greatest Commandment Should Look Like In Our Daily Life

If we’re honest with ourselves, we often fall short of the kind of love we should express to God and to others. Let's look at Matthew chapter 22.

How Can We Serve God In A Secular Work Place?

Is genuine ministry restricted to those in the clergy, or to those who work for a Christian organization? God can work through us no matter where we’re employed!

What Does It Mean To Truly Express Love To Our Family And Our Neighbors?

When we follow God, everything we say and do is a representation of God to the world.

Find Out How Colossians Chapter 3 Applies To The Workplace

As followers of Jesus Christ, we’re called to honor God in every aspect of our lives, which includes every hour on the job, every paycheck we earn, and every to-do list we check off. 

Wondering If Your Employment Matters To God?

Whether you work in an office, on a delivery truck, or in the home, we’re called to worship God in our work. Does the way we go through our workday show our love for God?

Worship Is More Than A Sunday Morning Event, It’s A Way Of Life!

When we think of worship, we picture churches on Sunday mornings, with the congregation singing hymns or praise songs.

An Invitation For Us To Offer Our Work In Worship To God

Perhaps your daily tasks seem menial in the grand scheme of things. Well, you don’t have to work in a church or a ministry to serve God!

Let's Continue A Helpful Study On The Theology Of Work

Whether you’re a full-time professional, or a stay-at-home mom, your perspective on work matters to God! Find practical help if you’re unemployed right now, and are looking for your next assignment.