Archives: March 2013

Turn to the Lord’s Prayer and discover how to communicate with God Part 61

Have you ever gone to a church meeting and felt the prayer time went too long? Perhaps you’ve run out of words to say, and fear your prayer loses meaning because of its brevity.

What can we learn from Jesus’ model for prayer? Part 60

At a little over 50 words, the Lord’s Prayer is a brief passage of Scripture. Yet these verses contain an abundance of insight on how to communicate with our heavenly Father!

Discover the power of an “Amen” Part 59

“Amen” is a common word we hear in sermons and tagged at the end of all of our prayers, but do we understand what this word actually means? Let's investigate the significance of this small phrase, and how it can impact our communication with God.

Discover why “Amen” is so important, as we wrap up our series on the Lord’s Prayer Part 58

There’s a short word attached to the closing of every prayer. We say it out of habit, but may not even realize what it means! Let's wrap up our series on the Lord’s Prayer, with a discussion about the word "Amen."

Let’s explore the tools we need to win the battle against our spiritual foes Part 57

The apostle Paul wrote that our fight is not against people or governments, but against unseen spiritual forces that wish to see us fall! An inspiring discussion on the power we have in God.

Discover who’s really behind the sin that so easily entangles us Part 56

When we’re surrounded by temptation and there seems to be no way out, it’s easy to think God is setting us up for failure. A look at the Garden of Eden.

Discover our enemy’s age-old schemes, so we won’t fall for them anymore! Part 55

Since the beginning of time, the Evil One has been using the same proven strategies to get us to fall into temptation!

The importance of praying “Lead us not into temptation” Part 54

What’s your weakness? Whether it’s chocolate cake, a corner office, or a pretty face, we all have things that tempt us at our most vulnerable points. A lesson on avoiding the pitfalls in life.

An insightful study on Jesus’ words, “Lead us not into temptation” Part 53

Temptation is all around us. And if we’re not careful, we’re liable to fall right into its trap! Let's suggest ways to avoid getting caught in the snare!

Take a practical look at dealing with temptation Part 52

As believers in Christ, we have an ancient foe doing all he can to trip us up. But thankfully, God has provided spiritual tools to combat our enemy and gain the victory!

Let’s investigate the character and strategy of our spiritual enemy Part 51

Behind every act of evil we see in our world, there are the manipulations of the Evil One! You won’t want to miss this eye-opening discussion.

Find helpful tips for enhancing our own communication with God Part 50

There are times when we come to God in prayer and we’re at a loss for words. Let's examine two different prayers in the Bible,

Discover what it means to pray, “Lead us not into temptation” Part 49

It’s not uncommon to have questions when reading some of Jesus’ teaching. He often spoke in riddles and parables, which may seem foreign to those of us living in the twenty-first century! Let's discuss a puzzling request found in the Lord’s Prayer.

A biblical look at a puzzling passage Part 48

Does God ever put temptations in our way to make us stumble and fall? “Lead us not into temptation.”

A meaningful conversation on what to do when you’ve forgiven but can’t forget Part 47

We can honestly try to forgive an offense. But some pain, some memories continue to haunt us for years to come. Join the group for another study on the Lord’s Prayer.

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