Archives: July 2015

How Jesus comforts us Part 5

On the eve of His death, Jesus had an intimate meal with His disciples, and He loved them to the end. The disciples had no idea what plans Jesus had for them. Join us for a rich discussion about how Jesus comforted His disciples, and us!

Two-Volume Book: So I Send You & Workmen of God

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In this two-volume book—So Send I You with Workmen of God—Oswald Chambers emphasizes God’s call on your life to become His servant. You'll find challenges to discover the fulfillment God alone gives to those who seek His will above all else, and how you can work for the cure of souls with passion and power.

How to have peace during times of confusion Part 4

When things are in disarray, where do we set our sights? Join us today as we talk about the hope to come, and how that reality can help us have peace now.

Discover an invitation from Jesus Part 3

Saying life is messy is an understatement for most of us! So is it possible for us to have peace about our life only when everything gets in order? Jesus said, "Let not your heart be troubled . . . trust Me."

What kind of life does God desire for us? Part 2

Life has a way of shaking up our stability, and it is times like this that reveal where we place our trust. God desires for us a life of wholeness, a life of being complete. But how we get there is very important.

Let There Be Peace in You

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Jesus’ “Upper Room Discourse” was delivered the night before He went to the cross. It…

Obtaining peace during times of conflict Part 1

Jesus said He came that we might have abundant life. The problem for us is that sometimes we think "abundant" means "easy." Join us for an encouraging conversation about the issue of peace during times of conflict. Incredible lessons can be learned from Jesus' last night with His disciples.

The battlefield of faith in both poverty and wealth Part 5

They say that life is a matter of perspective, and it takes a strong mind to stay faithful. As you go through tough times, where do you set your thoughts?

Is living by faith a waste of time? Part 4

A life of faith means we may not see the results right away, or even in our lifetime. Today on "Discover the Word," our hosts and our special guest Torrey Robinson talk about faith and trials. Is it worth it? You bet it is!

The not-so-secret ingredient to gain quality of life Part 3

The notion of living an abundant life in Christ beckons all of us. But how do we get the kind of life Jesus wants to give us? Today a continuation of our study in James will reveal the not-so-secret ingredient. It's a discussion you don't want to miss!

How God causes us to produce good fruit Part 2

Some grapevines need to experience stress to develop good grapes, and the same principle can be applied to the trials we have in our own lives. The unwelcome stress and struggle may be God's way of pruning you to produce fruit. Don't miss this conversation on "Discover the Word."

The Place of Testing

Programs in Series 5

Growth and maturity come only with the passing of time and in the presence of…

The most common tool God uses to build our faith Part 1

As Christians, we want to become more like Jesus. And if we're honest, we'd like that process to be an easy one. Our special guest reminds us that struggle is the most common tool the Lord uses to build our faith. Join us for an encouraging conversation coming up in James chapter one.

Praying when crushed by sorrow Part 5

Long ago one believer wrote about God, saying, "He has broken my teeth with gravel." These are stark words! Today on "Discover the Word," our hosts and our special guest, Jean Syswerda, provide a frank and striking discussion about suffering and praying the psalms in sorrow.

New Music Release: All You've Done

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“Thank you" is the theme that echoes through All You've Done, the worship collection from Brad + Rebekah. Get ready to lift your hands and hearts in praise as Brad + Rebekah lead you in thankful worship with this 18-track collection on 2-CDs.

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