Archives: September 2015

Even in our doubts, we have Jesus’ full acceptance Part 3

Belief is a mysterious commodity. A baby is born and we believe, someone dies and we lose our faith. Nicodemus had both doubts about Jesus and faith in Him and yet Jesus fully embraced him.

We can have the right theology, but the wrong belief Part 2

We all have a deep need to be accepted, but because we know ourselves too well, we have a tough time believing why anyone would. They might say they know God loves them, but how could He, really?

Discover why we are Beauty Full Beings Part 1

Statistics show that ninety-one percent of women don’t see themselves as beautiful. Yet when God created Adam and Eve, He said they were “very good.” Join us as we explore why, since the Fall, it’s so easy to believe the lie whispered to Eve, “If God loved you . . .”

Hello, Beauty Full: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

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Are you believing the great lie that God does not, maybe even could notlove you? The real you?

Women struggle under the ongoing weight of “not-enough-ness.” Not attractive enough. Not smart enough. Not fit enough. Not creative enough. Not good enough. Not sexy enough. Not strong enough. Not whole enough. Not womanly enough. And therefore, not beautiful. We are broken and ashamed…

Wisdom of James

Programs in Series 10

This series of 10 conversations focuses on our need for wisdom in conflict. If the…

How the wisdom of true sincerity allows God to work Part 10

A famous journalist once said about sincerity, “If you can fake it, you’ve got it made.” But is sincerity something you can really fake?

The wisdom of impartiality Part 9

Each person is valued by God and should be made to feel that way. It’s not manipulative or artificial to make someone feel important, it’s wise. You’re meeting that person’s heart hunger to be loved. God is no respecter of persons and neither should we be.

The wisdom of mercy Part 8

Greek thought viewed mercy as pity for those who were suffering unjustly. But Jesus introduced a new concept, mercy for those who are in trouble, even if that trouble is their own fault. We’ll see how the combined “good fruits” of wisdom ultimately reach their maturity in a harvest of mercy.

Let’s contrast the wisdom of joy and earthly wisdom Part 7

In the midst of conflict, it’s hard to get the right perspective. Let's contrast the “pure and peaceable” wisdom from above with the “earthly and unspiritual” wisdom from below. One is “easily entreated” and furthers our relationships. The other is harsh, driving people apart.

Discover the importance of gentleness Part 6

To some, Jesus is a gentle lamb. To others, He’s a roaring lion. To the sinner in need of grace, Jesus’ strength was shown in His gentleness towards them. But to the religious leaders who were proud of their own righteousness, He was someone to be feared.

The harvest of joy in our relationships Part 5

Many of us struggle with trusting people in our world today. Relationships are often shallow and people take care of themselves at the expense of others.

Joy: the first step in wisdom Part 4

We're in a great series this week and we're discovering that there is great wisdom in living joyfully.

Navigating between what we can and can’t control Part 3

This week our topic is wisdom, wisdom from the book of James. And one of the distinguishing signs of wisdom is how we handle what we can't control.

God’s answer to asking Him for wisdom Part 2

Have you ever regretted asking a question because the answer was hard to take? That was the case with the rich young ruler who asked Jesus, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?"

How can we have joy despite our trials? Part 1

As Christians, we face constant challenges from all sides. It's tempting to give in and give up, but God encourages us to press on! Join us as we begin a new series called "The Wisdom of James—the Wisdom of Joy."

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