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Discover the Word Bundle

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This bundle is especially crafted for your personal study time. Back by popular demand! Revisit “The Broken Way” series with best-selling author Ann Voskamp. While you do, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in a Discover the Word Mug and take notes in a Discover the Word Study Journal.

Jesus Invitations

Programs in Series 5

One of the realities in life is being invited to important events like weddings, graduations,…

Invitation From The King Of Kings! Part 1

Imagine you went to the mailbox today and found a personal invitation to the upcoming Royal Wedding. How would you respond? Well,  today on Discover the Word, the team kicks off a new series of discussions about an invitation that has been extended to you from the King of Kings. How are you going to respond? Be at the table today for Discover the Word!

Celebrating The Beauty Of Unity In Diversity Part 10

Today on Discover the Word, we conclude our two-week series on building unity within the church called “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?” As we’ll see, it’s not about getting everyone to think the way we do, but letting God transform our hearts to be like His. Learn to celebrate differences and the beauty of unity in diversity, today…

Encourage The Unity That Jesus Desires Part 9

It’s been said that America is a “melting pot.” But sometimes this blending turns into a clash of cultures. It’s been that way since the beginning. And today on Discover the Word, we’ll see how the church in Rome grappled with embracing all kinds of backgrounds and what the apostle Paul said to encourage the unity that Jesus desires. There’s…

Building Unity With Intentionality Part 8

You probably know the old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together”! We’re most often drawn to people who are like us. So how do we intentionally build unity with people who are different? That’s the question that was on the apostle Paul’s mind when he wrote his letter to the Romans, and it’s the question we’ll be dealing with…

A Biblical Perspective On Whose Job It Is To Judge Part 7

No one wants to be labeled as “judgmental.” And today on Discover the Word, we seek to answer the question, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?” It’s a conversation about gaining a biblical perspective on whose job ultimately it is to be the Judge. Is that your job? Is it my job? Listen today to Discover the Word!

“. . . And In All Things Charity” Part 6

Augustine said, “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, and in all things charity (or love).” That’s a good rule to live by. And today, the Discover the Word team turns to the book of Romans to see how we can learn to accept one another in our differences. Begin week two of their series “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”…

Gaining God’s Heart While Following His Law Part 5

When a student decides to become a lawyer, they hit the books! A lot of books. But today, the Discover the Word team sums up God’s law in one sentence. And while it’s easy to state, living it out sure isn’t. So how do we gain God’s heart and follow His laws? It’s another way to answer the question the current series…

When God Calls Us To Submit . . . Or Resist Part 4

From preschool to adulthood, submission to authority isn’t all that popular. But today on Discover the Word, we’ll see how God calls us to submit to governing authorities and when we’re called to resist. Learn to live in the tension of being a citizen of heaven living on earth when you tune in to Discover the Word!

Division Is Nothing New . . . What’s The Solution? Part 3

From politics to personal relationships, it seems like people are more divided than ever before. Even in the church! But today, the Discover the Word team learns that division is nothing new and the bottom-line solution offered by the apostle Paul to the Romans still applies to us today. Join the conversation on Discover the Word!


Unity In God’s Kingdom Part 2

When we think of “gifted” people, it’s usually in reference to someone who’s a cut above the rest. More talented, more intelligent, more gifted! But today on Discover the Word, we’ll see how each of us is gifted for the purpose of unity in God’s kingdom. “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”  Listen today on Discover the Word!

My Utmost for His Highest (Music CD)

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For over 100 years, the words of Oswald Chambers have inspired us through the My Utmost for His Highest devotional. Today, the legacy continues in a new way with the My Utmost for His Highest CD. This contemporary CD features 13 songs written and selected based on themes in the devotional and performed by some of Christian music’s most recognized…

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Programs in Series 10

Someone once said that if it weren’t for people, life would be easy. Right? But…

Living At Peace With Those Around Us Part 1

Don’t you wish everyone could just get along? From bickering families to warring nations, the world is filled with people who can’t seem to get along. So how can we learn to live at peace with those around us? Today on Discover the Word, the team will start a two-week study in the book of Romans called “Why Can’t We…

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