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The Hope of Christmas (Music CD)

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The Hope of Christmas features 10 instrumental versions of your favorite Christmas carols, performed by the Prague Philharmonic Symphony.

Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes

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Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes by biblical scholars Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien sheds light on the ways Western readers often misunderstand the cultural dynamics of the Bible.

Christmas Classic with Mart, Haddon, and Alice

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Christmas Reflections and New Year’s Resolutions is a timeless collection of roundtable discussions that explore the greatest story ever told.

2018 Our Daily Bread Calendar

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The Our Daily Bread 2018 Wall Calendar showcases the locations around the world where Our Daily Bread Ministries is working to share the name of Jesus. This calendar helps you organize schedules and activities, encourages you with Scripture, and reminds you of God’s presence through striking photographs.

Hello, Beauty Full by Elisa Morgan

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Continue the conversation with this book from Discover the Word's own, Elisa Morgan. Order now and receive access to 7 study guide videos, perfect for self-study or group study.

Recovering the Real Lost Gospel (book) & Engagement (CD)

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The Discover the Word team has combined two great resources to help you effectively defend the faith. This limited-edition bundle features the CD recording of the entire “Engagement” series with guest host Dr. Darrell Bock and a copy of his book Recovering the Real Lost Gospel.

Discover the Word Team Favorites Thumb Drive

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The Discover the Word team has selected their favorite recent programs—sixteen in total—that we hope will challenge and inspire you to grow in your faith. If you are encouraged, we invite you to join the Discover the Word team regularly. You can also share this thumb drive with others or help support the program so we can continue to spread…

Intentional Christian by Daniel Ryan Day

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Continue this week's conversation with this new book from guest Daniel Ryan Day.

Ultimate Leadership from Our Daily Bread Christian University

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A free online class from Our Daily Bread Christian University taught by John Townsend and Henry Cloud

Discover the Word Devotional Bundle

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The Discover the Word Devotional Bundle contains everything you need for a refreshing quiet time with God. The only thing missing from this bundle is your Bible, and perhaps a cup of coffee.

Our Daily Bread presents Hymns of Heaven and God's Peace CD

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Each CD contains 10 cherished, inspirational songs that will enhance your quiet time with God. Play these CDs as background music during your Bible study time or while working around the house, or just sit and relish the sweet sounds of some of your favorite hymns.

Resilient (DVD Study Guide) by Sheridan Voysey

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Rich with personal stories and deep with practical insight, these DVDs are designed to tune-up your relationships, spiritual practices, and life choices.

Psalms 90 Devotions from Our Daily Bread

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Draw near to God with this collection of devotional writings from authors Haddon Robinson, Mart DeHaan, Bill Crowder, and others.