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The Unfolding Drama As The Israelites Approached Jericho With God On Their Side Part 22

Travel back to ancient Jericho. Rumors were flying all around the city that a great army was coming against it. The doors to the city were barred and the walls were fortified with troops.

Examining 2 Corinthians 12:10, Which Says: “when I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong.” Part 27

There’s an innate desire in each of us to do things on our own. And it’s difficult to admit when we can’t accomplish something in our own strength!

The Factual Account Of Samson And The Relevance It Holds For Us Today Part 28

When we read the sensational stories in the Bible, sometimes it’s tempting to brush them off as mere fiction . . . rather than accept them as historic events.

Does The Biblical Doctrine Of Grace Give Us License To Behave As We Please? Part 29

A major facet of the Christian life is embracing God’s grace . . . and believing grace fully covers all our sin.


Do You Have Something To Share With God, But Can’t Find The Words? Part 14

Prayer is deeply personal, especially when we’re pouring our heart out to God. Explore Psalm 51, and it’s profound look at King David’s cry to God for forgiveness.

Look To The Psalms Of David To Find Healing From The Past Part 15

As followers of Christ, we’ve received the ultimate forgiveness. But what do you do when you can’t let the past go? When you can’t seem to forgive yourself for wrongs you’ve committed?

Discover The Profound Benefits Of Hearing God’s Word Part 1

For most people, the family Bible collects more dust on the shelf than it should. Whether you’re new to faith, or a long-time follower, you'll find encouragement to crack open your Bible and experience the benefits of God’s Word. 

Do You Believe The Bible Is A Life-changing Book? Part 2

For many people, reading the Bible is the same as reading something in a foreign language. It’s hard to decipher! But when you begin to understand how to study the Bible, a whole new world opens up.

Does The Bible Seem Foreign And Difficult To Understand? Part 3

Perhaps you’ve tried to read through the Bible, but can’t seem to comprehend what it truly means. Find valuable advice on how to study the Bible on your own. 

An Honest Expression Of The Heart From Fellow Discover The Word Listeners Part 20

For several weeks we’ve been learning how to understand the poetic Hebrew language of the Psalms. And now it’s time to hear the poetry of people just like you. Some of it heart-wrenching and some of it filled with joy.

Digging Deeper Into The Well-known Story Of The Prodigal Son Part 41

The parable of the prodigal son isn’t just for men and women who have fallen away from the life of faith. It’s also for those of us working through our faith on a daily basis.

Defining A Path Toward Spiritual Growth Part 24

The Christian life is more than just a one-time decision. It’s a journey that lasts a lifetime. It includes knowledge of God’s Word, and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

A Helpful Discussion On Listening For God’s Voice Part 25

Even when we spend time studying God’s Word, it’s easy to get distracted. The voice of our colleagues, friends, and the culture can drown out God’s voice if we’re not careful.

Discover How To Listen For The Voice And Guidance Of God Part 26

Every day represents a decision. Will we choose to follow the counsel of God’s Word? Or will we get lured in by the world, and our own fleeting desires?

Need Encouragement For Your Daily Walk With God? Part 27

So often, God works through us even when we don’t realize it! Let’s recount personal stories about God at work in our lives.