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God Wants To Know Each Of Us Personally Part 32

Take a moment to think about your closest friend. How did you meet? What mutual interests drew you together? A look at our interactions with family and friends can act as a springboard to defining our relationship with God.

The Life-changing Outcomes That Occur When We Respond To God's Calling Part 48

The decisions we make not only affect us . . . but they affect the people around us as well. It’s the same when we follow God’s call for our lives. Discerning and acting on the will of God will impact your family, friends, and co-workers.

Solid, Biblical Counsel On Following God’s Plan Part 26

Sometimes our way sounds so much better than God’s way, doesn’t it? And yet, when we take matters into our own hands . . . we end up making a big mess of things. When doubt sets in, we can trust God . . . with confidence . . . to keep His promises! 

Following God’s Plan . . . And Learning To Trust Him Along The Way Part 2

More often than not, God’s plan for our lives travels a different road than the plan we would have set for ourselves.

What It Means To Really Know God’s Will Part 3

Most of us want to know God’s will for our lives. We want the assurance that God is on our side when we make decisions. Looking for direction?

Samson – A Man Who Made Poor Decisions Over And Over Again . . . And Yet Was Used Mightily By God Part 24

God has a purpose for your life. And He’s working through events and people to accomplish that purpose.  

Samson . . . A Man Whose Indifference Toward God Led To His Downfall Part 41

If you’ve ever tried to live life on your own terms . . . then you know the heartache of living apart from God’s will.

The Challenge Of Applying The Bible To Our Everyday Lives Part 49

How to approach biblical passages, and how to draw application for your life today can be rewarding!

Find Out How To Make Choices That Are Pleasing To God Part 1

How do we know God's will when tough decisions need to be made? Perhaps you’re at a crossroad of decision right now.

Discover Ways God Guides Us Through Making Wise Decisions Part 2

If you’re facing a big decision right now, you know the strain and anxiety it can bring.

Explore How You Can Know God’s Will Part 3

Whom should I marry? What career path should I take? Should we buy this house, or that one? Just a few of life’s major decisions. So how do we know which steps to take?

The Danger Of Trusting Our Feelings To Determine The Outcome Of A Major Decision Part 4

It’s not easy making big, life-changing decisions. Especially when we’re having a hard time determining God’s will.

Practical Advice For Making Good Decisions Part 6

Some people look for direction from God like a sign on the freeway, something tangible that tells us which way to go. But often, the answers to our questions aren’t so black and white.

Making Good Choices Part 7

God has equipped each of us to make good choices. Perhaps you’re struggling with some major decisions and don’t know which way to turn.

What Is God’s Role In Our Decision-making? Part 8

Do you believe God is in control? When financial pressures weigh you down, when you don’t know how you’re going to make ends meet, are you still convinced God is in control?