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Embracing the “newness” God has in store for us! Part 4

At the start of a new year, it’s smart to slow down, take a breath, and consider all the “new things” coming up! Let's get excited about the future.

Find parallels for the Christian life from Ruth’s commitment to Naomi Part 18

When we make the decision to trust in God, our life starts going in a new direction. We turn away from old habits, and start following a new path.

Jesus’ Parables From The Perspective Of Those Who Heard Him Firsthand Part 17

Another thought-provoking discussion on God’s Word. We’re stepping back into the first century, to hear Jesus’ parables from the perspective of those who heard Him firsthand, and seeing how we can relate two thousand years later!

A Thought-provoking Presentation On A Familiar Parable Of Jesus Part 1

In today’s culture, the successful and wealthy are held in highest esteem. And, in contrast, those with very little, who have no acclaim, are often overlooked.

Reconciling Our Humanness To Our Being Made New In Christ Part 46

When we become a part of God’s family, we have a new allegiance . . . a new outlook on life. How do we deal with the dilemma that although we are made new in Christ, we are still human and make mistakes?

Abandoning Our Way . . . For God's Way Part 45

It takes more than an intellectual decision or even deep-felt emotion to follow Christ. It takes action. When God calls you somewhere, it’s the Christian’s responsibility to follow where He leads.