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A Message Of Grace Part 6

Each one of us has done things in our life that we aren’t proud of. But have you ever made a mistake so terrible . . . you wondered if God would ever forgive you? Let's observe God’s response to a repentant heart.

Acknowledging The Little Things We Do To Hide Our Faults From View Part 15

It’s only when we truly understand that we’re sinners . . . personally . . . without anyone else to blame . . . that we can stop hiding and come to God for mercy. It’s when we relinquish our weaknesses to God that true freedom can be found!

Haddon Robinson Shares From His Heart About Developing A Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ Part 16

The Bible says, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” None of us are exempt from sin.

Let’s Strip Away The FaÇade And Discuss What Really Counts In God’s Kingdom Part 17

We all want to look good to those around us. We sometimes dress to impress people and even show-off our jobs or cars . . . positioning ourselves around anything or anyone that will make us look good.

Samson . . . A Man Whose Indifference Toward God Led To His Downfall Part 41

If you’ve ever tried to live life on your own terms . . . then you know the heartache of living apart from God’s will.

Developing A Heart And Attitude That Honors God Part 8

Whether you’ve been a follower of God for many years, or just recently begun a relationship you’ve probably learned that your lifestyle should reflect your love and devotion to Jesus.

Discover The Hope We Have In Christ, No Matter How Far We’ve Fallen Part 13

 None of us is perfect, and there are times when each of us betray our Savior in one way or another. An important discussion about the Last Supper.

Discover The Difference Between Our Attitudes And Actions, And How They Affect Our Relationship With God Part 36

It’s the matters of the heart, the stuff no one else sees, that are most important to God.

How The Involuntary Responses We Have Reveal Attitudes In Our Heart Part 37

If you’ve ever overreacted to something, and regretted it later, you’ve probably spent some time trying to figure out why you lost control.

Reflecting On The Well-known Story Of The Prodigal Son Part 18

Whether you have a son or daughter who has left the faith, or you can relate to the son who stayed at home, the profound teaching of the Prodigal Son has struck a chord in men and women’s hearts for centuries.

How God Helps Those Who Are Lost Find Their Way Back Home Part 19

Nobody sets out deliberately to get lost. You just go along making choices until suddenly you look around and wonder how you got here.