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How To Apply The One-flesh Principle To Your Marriage Part 14

In a discussion about building a strong and vibrant marriage, Alice Mathews said . . . “Strong partners operate together. You’re in sync together, and you don’t do things to hurt the other part of the body.”

When You See Someone In Need, Do You Come To Their Rescue, Or Turn The Other Way? Part 3

Reflect on a familiar New Testament story. In a culture that looks down on those less fortunate, followers of God have a higher calling.

The Importance Of Keeping A Godly Perspective On Wealth Part 32

Do we own possessions? Or do our possessions own us? Part of an in-depth study on the tenth commandment, “Thou shall not covet.”

Discover The Biblical Mandate To Care For Those In Need, Including Our Parents Part 27

Our parents care for us when we’re young, and then as we grow older, the roles are swapped and we end up caring for them. If you have elderly parents, you’ve probably worked hard to make sure they feel loved and cared for.

How The Income We Earn Could Equip Us To Help Others Part 28

Our culture is me-centric. Focusing on what will make me more money and give me more prominence. But those who follow God are called to have a different outlook on life.

A Challenge For Us To Cultivate An Attitude Of Giving Part 29

It’s rare to see someone graciously give to others regardless of their own financial situation.

How justice, mercy, and grace are displayed in perfect harmony through the person of Jesus Christ Part 6

There are events in life that call for justice. Other times, we’re desperately seeking mercy. And almost every day, we’re in need of grace!

Gain a profound perspective on God’s grace Part 7

When the weight of life crushes down on us, and the pain is more than we can bear, our plea to God is “Why?” How our personal pain may be the perfect answer to the prayer; “Lord, have mercy.”

Discover the two probing questions Jesus asked of those looking for mercy Part 8

Jesus wants to shower you with His mercy. But first, He has some questions for you to answer. The two probing questions that Jesus asked of those looking for mercy reveal our faith and trust!

Why “Lord, have mercy” should be our daily request Part 10

What is the one thing you ask God for the most? Protection for your family? Food on the table? It’s the conclusion of a study on “The Mercy Prayer.”

Let’s look at why every family needs the healing touch of the Savior Part 7

Whether it’s a troubled marriage, rebellious children, or generational sin, we may think our brokenness is unusual for a Christian family. Discover that family fractures are typical in every home! Let's look at "The Beauty of Broken."

How those tough seasons in our lives give us a greater compassion for others Part 9

Nothing deepens your relationship with the Lord like having Him walk through a difficult situation with you. Perhaps you’re going through a tough time right now. The group shares how they've grown closer to God through the trials in their lives.

How desperation led one man to brave embarrassment and rejection in order to see Jesus Part 2

When we’re out of answers, desperation sets in. And often we’re led to do things we normally wouldn’t even consider!

A powerful illustration on the compassion of Christ Part 3

Let's continue our study in Mark, chapter one. It’s the story of a man stricken with a deadly disease, and his personal appointment with the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.

Discover the God who cares Part 4

You might be able to fake a smile. Perhaps even force some tears. But one emotion it’s impossible to counterfeit is true compassion. A biblical illustration of Jesus’ genuine compassion for us.