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Discover fresh insights in our study of Proverbs 31 Part 6

Call someone “shrewd” and there’s a chance they won’t consider that a compliment! Why being savvy is an important part of being wise!

Discover how our lives fit into God’s grand, unfolding plan Part 14

It’s part of our nature to narrow our focus onto ourselves. But if we take a step back, we’ll be able to see what God is doing on a wider scale! Let's complete our study on the life of Jacob.

Discover What It Means To Maintain A Pure Heart, With Pure Motives Part 9

When we try to protect our own agenda, it’s not easy to keep our motives pure. In fact, sometimes we do the right things, but for the wrong reasons. So how do we get out of that trap?

The Sacred Celebration Of Communion Part 7

If you grew up in a church that celebrates communion, you know how meaningful it is to remember our Savior’s sacrifice. Let's reflect on this sacred celebration that's at the core of our faith.

A Biblical Definition Of Service And How It Applies To All Our Relationships, Especially Those In The Home Part 22

It can seem humbling to serve others—you sometimes feel like a servant. Serving almost implies that the other person has control over you and your actions. But the Bible is clear that Christians serve.