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When Our Perception Of God Is Wrong, Our Choices Are Affected Part 60

Without a solid foundation of Bible knowledge, our view of God can be tainted. Let's look at the story of Jephthah in the Old Testament. A man whose wrong understanding of God cost him the life of his daughter.

A Much-debated Passage Of Scripture About A Man Who Made A Rash Vow To God Part 57

What you think of God shapes the choices you make throughout your life. And when your view of God isn’t based on truth, the results can be devastating. 

Jephthah, A Man Who Had A Heart For God, But Made Some Choices With Dire Consequences Part 50

Even the best intentions don’t always keep us out of trouble. We mean well . . . but still manage to make poor choices as we live day to day.

The Reality Of Forgiveness . . . And The Consequences Of Taking Your Own Path Part 47

Was there a time in your life when you chose to follow your own way instead of God’s? It’s possible you’re struggling with some life-changing decisions right now.

The Story Of A Man Who Seemed Lost Forever Part 44

Some people seem to make bad choices over and over again, until they’re so far off course you wonder if they’ll ever recover.  Perhaps you’re stuck in your own regret today.

Samson – A Man Who Made Poor Decisions Over And Over Again . . . And Yet Was Used Mightily By God Part 24

God has a purpose for your life. And He’s working through events and people to accomplish that purpose.  

What It Means To Really Know God’s Will Part 3

Most of us want to know God’s will for our lives. We want the assurance that God is on our side when we make decisions. Looking for direction?

Practical Advice For Making Tough Choices Part 3

Life is full of difficult choices. What college to attend, what house to buy, what job to take. Encouragement us to trust God with those major decisions. 

The Important Role Faith Plays In Our Lives Part 1

Faith is an integral part of the life of a follower of God. Hear about real-life examples of faith.

Examining Decisions We Make When We’re Caught Up In The Moment Part 75

Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment road trip, or responding to an eloquent speaker at a conference . . . spontaneity can be exhilarating. But sometimes the choices we make on the fly aren’t the best in the long run.


Struggling To Make The Right Decision? Part 63

Whether it’s an extra slice of cake when we’re on a diet or a major indiscretion . . . decisions seem insurmountable when temptation crosses our path.

How To Measure Opportunities That Come Our Way Part 57

When making major decisions like where to live, where to put your kids through school, what job to take . . . it can be difficult to know which choice to make. Facing big decisions right now?


Are You Willing To Step Into The Unknown With God? Part 52

Some call it a crisis of faith. Others call it a crossroads. But at some point in our lives each of us will choose whether to follow God or take another path.

Decisions Require Faith Part 20

The entire story of Abraham featured in Hebrews 11 and developed in Genesis is framed by security and insecurity. Can you sense in your own walk with God the forces of insecurity and security playing up against each other?

A Look At The Life Of Abraham Part 1

Have you ever moved to a new location? Did you find it difficult or challenging? God sometimes asks us to make difficult changes in what we depend on for security.