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See How The Story Of Ruth Teaches Life-lessons That Can Be Used Today Part 31

Narratives make up a majority of the Scriptures. But often, these stories don’t provide a checklist of lessons we’re to learn from them.

How To Break Down Bible Passages Into Easy-to-understand Pieces Part 15

Sometimes the Bible can be difficult to decipher . . . especially when Hebrew poetry is involved. And yet . . . much of the Old Testament contains poetic language.

A Helpful Conversation About Strengthening Your Faith Part 1

Trusting God may sound noble, but when things get difficult it’s easier said than done! This is evident in the life of Samuel . . . an ancient leader who followed God with integrity in good times and bad.

When Our Perception Of God Is Wrong, Our Choices Are Affected Part 60

Without a solid foundation of Bible knowledge, our view of God can be tainted. Let's look at the story of Jephthah in the Old Testament. A man whose wrong understanding of God cost him the life of his daughter.

A Much-debated Passage Of Scripture About A Man Who Made A Rash Vow To God Part 57

What you think of God shapes the choices you make throughout your life. And when your view of God isn’t based on truth, the results can be devastating. 

A Difficult Passage In The Book Of Judges Part 55

Ignorance can get you in a lot of trouble. And for Jephthah, a man in the Bible, it cost him dearly. Is it possible to do the wrong thing for the right reasons?

Explore Ways To Read The Bible As A Story, While Staying In Line With The Author’s Original Intent Part 40

The Bible is far more than a book of rules and regulations. It’s a vibrant piece of literature . . . full of narrative, poetry and instruction.

Examining The Ancient Story Of Samson And Delilah Part 31

Betrayal is devastating. Especially when it comes from someone you love. Perhaps you’ve been the victim of someone’s disloyalty.

Even As Adults, We Can Fall Into The Trap Of Taking Advantage Of God’s Grace Part 30

We try to teach our children the difference between right and wrong. But when they disobey without consequence, our kids assume they can get away with anything!

Samson – A Man Who Made Poor Decisions Over And Over Again . . . And Yet Was Used Mightily By God Part 24

God has a purpose for your life. And He’s working through events and people to accomplish that purpose.  

A Reminder That God Values Each One Of Us . . . In Spite Of Our Mistakes And Mishaps Part 18

It’s easy to think the faithful men and women in the Bible were perfect saints. And yet, if you read their stories closely, you see they were imperfect people just like you and me.

The Importance Of Understanding The True Message Behind Passages In Scripture Part 1

It’s been said that the Bible is a manual for living. And yet, we often read into the biblical accounts and pull out the answers we want to hear . . . not necessarily what God intended us to learn.

God Uses An Ordinary Woman To Bring About An Extraordinary Victory For His People Part 5

 A dramatic rendition of the battle of Jericho from the Bible.