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A Discussion On The Heart Of Faith--trusting In Jesus Christ Part 27

Do you have a conversion story? Is there a specific moment in your past where you accepted Jesus into your life? Or was your faith a process? A series of events? Whether your beliefs took shape over time or in an instant . . .

How To Respond With Grace To Those Who Oppose Christianity Part 38

In this world of increasing options, Christians are sometimes looked upon as being intolerant of other walks of faith. Solid counsel on how to respond with grace to those who oppose Christianity.

God Will Faithfully Stand By His People Part 49

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, in the business world, or working at a church, God has called you to minister to those around you. It’s not an easy calling . . . you will run into plenty of opposition along the way.

Practical Ways To Understand The Society Around Us While Still Maintaining Our Beliefs Part 16

We’re taught to be in the world . . . but not of the world. So, as Christians, how do we reconcile our value system with a godless culture?

The Difficulties And Rewards When Our Beliefs Are On Display Part 36

Sometimes it feels safer to keep our faith in God private. In doing so, we don’t have to put ourselves on the line. But “closet Christians” miss out on the best God has to offer.

An Authentic Discussion On The Difficulties Of Standing Up For What We Believe Part 37

Sometimes following God’s will brings opposition from those around us. Especially those who are affected by the decisions we make.

Having A Hard Time Sharing Christ With Others? Part 78

For many of us, declaring our faith in front of an audience is a frightening prospect. In an unbelieving culture, it can be difficult to boldly share your beliefs. 


A Biblical Definition Of Service And How It Applies To All Our Relationships, Especially Those In The Home Part 22

It can seem humbling to serve others—you sometimes feel like a servant. Serving almost implies that the other person has control over you and your actions. But the Bible is clear that Christians serve.

Some Key Elements Of Strong Leadership Part 12

What qualities make for a strong leader? If you look at the various Presidents over the past few decades, you’ll notice they all have very different governing styles and personalities.

Does The Bible Advocate Befriending People Of Other Religious Convictions? Part 36

How far should we go in trying to evangelize those who chose a different faith walk than our own?

Discover Jesus’ Perspective On Servanthood Part 6

When you hear the term servant, what comes to your mind? In our culture, it’s often seen as a derogatory term, perhaps even akin to slavery. Let's explore Jesus’ last supper with His disciples, where He teaches us to serve one another.

The Sacred Celebration Of Communion Part 7

If you grew up in a church that celebrates communion, you know how meaningful it is to remember our Savior’s sacrifice. Let's reflect on this sacred celebration that's at the core of our faith.

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How Jesus crossed all boundaries in order to reach a single hurting person Part 2

People today are still divided across economic, ethnic, and religious lines. And there can be taboos about crossing those barriers. Let's learn from Jesus' example.

Using our testimonies to share the love and grace of God with others Part 5

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What characteristics make us more like Christ? Part 15

If you want to think, speak, and act more like Jesus, what qualities do you need to have? Galatians chapter 5 gives us the answer! Make it a point to listen to the conclusion of the fruit of the Spirit series.

Encouragement for when our hearts feel dormant Part 14

An experienced farmer knows there are seasons when crops flourish in the open air, and seasons when all growth happens underground. Even in our cold seasons, God is still at work, cultivating the fruits of Spirit.

How what is happening in our lives is evidence of the fruit of the Spirit! Part 13

Even a bottle labeled “fruit juice” can contain a large amount of artificial fruit flavors. It proves we can be easily fooled by inferior imitations. Let's play the part of produce inspectors and look for evidence that what is happening in our lives is 100 percent fruit of the Spirit!