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A Discussion On The Heart Of Faith--trusting In Jesus Christ Part 27

Do you have a conversion story? Is there a specific moment in your past where you accepted Jesus into your life? Or was your faith a process? A series of events? Whether your beliefs took shape over time or in an instant . . .

An Authentic Discussion On The Difficulties Of Standing Up For What We Believe Part 37

Sometimes following God’s will brings opposition from those around us. Especially those who are affected by the decisions we make.

Having A Hard Time Sharing Christ With Others? Part 78

For many of us, declaring our faith in front of an audience is a frightening prospect. In an unbelieving culture, it can be difficult to boldly share your beliefs. 


Does The Bible Advocate Befriending People Of Other Religious Convictions? Part 36

How far should we go in trying to evangelize those who chose a different faith walk than our own?

Our Work Matters To God! Part 7

It’s far more than just getting a paycheck. Whether you spend your work days in the church, an office, or at home, the responsibilities we carry out can and should glorify God.

Using our testimonies to share the love and grace of God with others Part 5

You can argue over facts, figures, and viewpoints. But it’s tough to debate a personal story! Learn how to “shine” for Christ.