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Discover satisfaction by looking at the freedom of living generously Part 10

When it comes to generosity, fear often holds us back. Can we still provide for ourselves if we give some of what we have away? Let's look at the freedom of living generously. It's a radical change in perspective!

What characteristics make us more like Christ? Part 15

If you want to think, speak, and act more like Jesus, what qualities do you need to have? Galatians chapter 5 gives us the answer! Make it a point to listen to the conclusion of the fruit of the Spirit series.

Encouragement for when our hearts feel dormant Part 14

An experienced farmer knows there are seasons when crops flourish in the open air, and seasons when all growth happens underground. Even in our cold seasons, God is still at work, cultivating the fruits of Spirit.

How what is happening in our lives is evidence of the fruit of the Spirit! Part 13

Even a bottle labeled “fruit juice” can contain a large amount of artificial fruit flavors. It proves we can be easily fooled by inferior imitations. Let's play the part of produce inspectors and look for evidence that what is happening in our lives is 100 percent fruit of the Spirit!

Let’s allow God to cultivate godly restraint in our lives Part 12

Whether it’s taking another slice of chocolate cake, or losing our temper when frustrated, self-control can be difficult to maintain. But it’s a virtue we all need! Our study of the fruit of the Spirit continues.

How biblical gentleness is the foundation of true strength Part 11

By the world’s standards, gentleness is a weakness, not a virtue! We’ve been taught it’s imperative we stand up for ourselves. Discover that biblical gentleness is not a sign of being feeble—it’s the foundation of true strength! We’re talking about one of the fruits of the Spirit.

How can we mirror the faithfulness of God? Part 10

The goal of a Christian is to act more like Jesus with every passing day. The qualities Christ exhibited, we want to exhibit as well! It’s another discussion about the fruits of the Spirit.

How understanding God’s goodness reveals what it means for us to be good Part 9

We use the word “good” to describe everything from favorite sneakers, to well-behaving pets. So what does it really mean to be “good”? Let's discuss how understanding God’s own goodness shows us exactly what it means to be good ourselves!

Discover how kindness is actually a substantial quality we can really sink our teeth into! Part 8

“The fruit of kindness” sounds a bit mushy, doesn’t it? Of all the godly fruit to cultivate, kindness seems to be the weakest of the bunch. More from our study on the fruit of the Spirit.

Discover biblical ways to cultivate patience Part 7

Whether it’s standing in line, waiting in the doctor’s office, or putting up with people who push our buttons, we have plenty of opportunities to develop patience. But it still seems to be the hardest fruit of the Spirit to grow! It’s an important fruit for spiritual health!

Gain an appreciation for the biblical characteristic of peace Part 6

We tend to think peace is the absence of conflict. But what if peace is quiet confidence in the midst of daily struggles? Let's explore another fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5.

Discover the power of joy regardless of what you face Part 5

Our feelings are often dictated by our circumstances. When things are good, we’re happy. But when things fall apart, we often feel miserable. Let's say there’s a fruit of the Spirit that can offers gladness, regardless of what we face.

Take an honest look at the character of love Part 4

There are times when love comes naturally. On our wedding day or at the birth of a child love is easy. Discover that the fruit of the Spirit is most evident when we love when it’s hard!

Discover how to develop the fruit of the Spirit in your life Part 3

Love, joy, peace, patience; just a few of the fruits of the Spirit that we want more of in our lives. But how do we go about developing these qualities? Discover sound wisdom on biblical gardening. And the first step is to let God do the planting!

Discover the purpose of the fruit of the Spirit Part 2

You can hold an apple in your hand, and admire its color, size, and smell. But you’ll never know how good that apple is unless you take a bite! Hear a fascinating study on the fruit of the Spirit.