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Practical Advice On How To Resolve Differences In A Productive Way Part 39

It’s hard to picture an argument bringing two people closer together . . . and yet, when you handle conflict in a positive way . . . that’s exactly what happens!


An Insightful Dialogue On Building Up Relationships Part 40

It isn’t easy to ask for forgiveness when you realize you’ve been in the wrong. And it isn’t easy to forgive someone when they’ve hurt you deeply. And yet, forgiveness is a necessary ingredient in restoring relationships.

How To Cultivate Your Marriage . . . Through Good Times And Bad Part 41

All relationships take work . . . but none more so than a marriage. Going through a difficult season with your husband or wife?

An Intimate Relationship That Stands The Test Of Time And Trials Part 43

Final Discover the Word comments on building a deep marriage relationship.

An In-depth Study On The Men And Women Who God Has Used In Extraordinary Ways Part 10

Find encouragement for your own journey as you learn the rich history of the heroes of our faith.

God Often Chooses The Most Unlikely Men And Women To Do His Work! Part 11

In God’s economy, gender isn’t nearly as important as character and faith.

A Message Of Hope Beneath This Story Of A Broken Family Part 53

It’s difficult to forgive those who have hurt you . . . especially when they are family members—the very people who are supposed to love and support you. 


Building Bridges Rather Than Walls Part 54

In a world characterized by war, as nation battles nation . . . peace seems far away. From the book of Judges in the Bible, one man led the way with diplomacy.

A Discussion On How To Take Rebuke Gracefully Part 13

Have you ever been confronted for something you did that was wrong? Even the best of us make mistakes, but it doesn’t feel good when they’re pointed out! 

What Qualifies A Marriage As Being Christian? Part 1

Going through a Christian wedding ceremony in a church does not necessarily make for a Christian marriage. Let's tackle what does make a Christian marriage.

Find Out What God Has In Store For Your Marriage Part 2

Some people get married because they’re looking for someone to complete them. Others marry because they’re lonely and want someone to fill that void. Regardless of the reason, God can redeem any Christian marriage, and create a relationship far beyond your expectations!

Discover The Truth About Marriage That Today’s Culture Doesn’t Necessarily Affirm! Part 3

With marriage comes the loss of personal autonomy. Gay Hubbard puts it this way: “If I’m going to be committed to someone else, their welfare and their concern means that there are some things I am no longer free to do.”

Discover God’s Blueprint For Marriage Part 4

How are you at handling change? Does it turn you upside down? You’ll be reminded that God has provided marriage as a safe haven for change. A fascinating discussion for husbands and wives.

Discover The Recipe For A Strong Christian Marriage Part 5

What makes for a strong marriage? What key ingredients do you need to have a fulfilling, lifelong relationship with your husband or your wife?

Key Ingredients To Help Make Your Marriage A Success! Part 6

A successful marriage takes a lot of work, but when trust and forgiveness are present, fulfillment isn’t far behind. Discover how relating with your spouse can become easier.