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Practical Tips For Making Your Marriage Rich And Deep Through Kindness Part 7

Kindness can transform your marriage. It’s a simple concept, but not always easy to implement in the home.

Discover The First Building Block Needed For A Successful Marriage Part 8

The Bible holds the blueprint for marriage. Is your relationship in line with God’s blueprint?

The First Step Toward Improving Your Marriage Relationship Part 9

Genesis 2:24 says, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Discover how this verse is God’s three-step blueprint for marriage.

Find Out What It Means To “cleave” To Your Husband Or Wife Part 10

The Bible says that when we get married we’re to “cleave” to our spouse. It’s not a word we use very often. Discover the meaning in a discussion on the keys to a successful marriage.

What The Bible Says About Becoming “one Flesh” Part 11

Intimacy is an important ingredient in a healthy marriage. Loving husbands and wives attend to both the emotional and physical dimensions of their relationship.

Discover The Meaning Of The Biblical Mandate To Become “one Flesh” Part 12

A sensitive, but important discussion why becoming “one flesh” is an essential dimension to God’s blueprint for marriage.

The Critical And Sensitive Issue Of Becoming “one Flesh” Part 13

According to the Bible, becoming “one flesh” in marriage is not purely physical. It includes relating to your husband or wife outside the physical realm. As Alice Mathews put it “Becoming one flesh includes loving your spouse as you love your own body.”

How To Apply The One-flesh Principle To Your Marriage Part 14

In a discussion about building a strong and vibrant marriage, Alice Mathews said . . . “Strong partners operate together. You’re in sync together, and you don’t do things to hurt the other part of the body.”

Discover Help For Your Marriage Whether You’re Young Or Old Part 15

The past few weeks has been an important and sensitive discussion on the biblical blueprint for marriage. You won’t want to miss the final discussion on this delicate and practical topic.

Discover The Connection Between Poverty And The Kingdom Of Heaven Part 24

Jesus said, Blessed are the poor because theirs is the kingdom of heaven. But what does that mean to our generation? How can we reconcile Jesus’ words with our money-hungry culture?

Discover Jesus’ Perspective On Servanthood Part 6

When you hear the term servant, what comes to your mind? In our culture, it’s often seen as a derogatory term, perhaps even akin to slavery. Let's explore Jesus’ last supper with His disciples, where He teaches us to serve one another.

Practical Truths For Today Straight From God’s Word Part 1

The beginning of a new series on the Parables of Jesus. Let's look at Luke chapter 15.

Gain Insight Into Our Relationship With God When You Look At The Story Of The Prodigal Son Part 25

No matter how hard we try to separate ourselves from God, we can’t. Our very breath comes from Him! Delve into the teaching of Jesus and take a refreshing look at the story of the Prodigal Son.

Discover Ways To Support Those Who Are Struggling In Their Walk Of Faith Part 56

As followers of God, we’re not only called to receive grace, but to extend it to others, as well.

Find Out How The Quality Of Our Relationship With God Influences How We Engage With Others Part 61

An inspirational discussion about what it truly means to be in a right relationship with our Creator, and with those we love.