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Follow God's Leading And Find His Security Along The Way Part 2

Have you ever moved to a new location? Did you find it difficult or challenging? Moving from a familiar job to a new job is stressful. We wonder if we will fail in the new position.

The Parallels In Our Relationship With Others And With God Part 7

Looking at our relationships and how they are similar to our relationship with God.

An Inside Look At Working Through Your Faith Part 8

Looking at your faith and how work through it.

Mart De Haan Shares His Personal Story Of Faith Part 10

Do you think of yourself as a saint? When people think of a saint, what comes to their minds?

Listen as RBC Ministries president, Mart DeHaan, shares his own story of faith.

The Truth About God's Provision Part 14

Whether finances are tight, living conditions poor, or our health is failing, we all have one thing in common—struggle is a part of life. But God’s provision comes even in the bleakest moments. It may come in a form you don’t expect, but He provides nonetheless.

Insight For Hard Times Part 25

In the midst of trials, we often reminisce on the “good ol’ days” and wish we were there again. But dwelling on the past keeps us from embracing the future. Abraham followed God’s leading by putting the past behind him . . . and that’s a good lesson for us today.

The Key To A Life Of Faith Part 29

The Bible often points to Abraham as the prime example of how a person of faith should live. Do you want a vibrant spiritual life?

God Often Places Challenges In Our Path To Bring Us Closer To Him Part 30

Change is difficult. It usually involves leaving our comfort zone and moving into uncharted territory. At times God calls us to leave our secure environment so that we learn to place our security in Him.

A Practical Look At Facing Trials Part 31

One of the most defining moments in a person’s life is making it through a seemingly impossible situation. The trials we face mold us into the men and women we are meant to be. Overcoming difficulties helps us mature as followers of God.

God Wants To Know Each Of Us Personally Part 32

Take a moment to think about your closest friend. How did you meet? What mutual interests drew you together? A look at our interactions with family and friends can act as a springboard to defining our relationship with God.

With God's Help Your Faith Can Grow To Be Strong And Thriving Part 33

Matthew 17:20 says, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed . . . nothing will be impossible for you.” A mustard plant starts out as a tiny seed . . . but grows into a flourishing tree. Faith can do the same.

Abraham's Legacy Of Faith Part 35

Faith comes with a measure of uncertainty. Stepping out on faith in God often puts you at risk of entering the unknown. But Abraham of the Old Testament shows us that when God calls us, obedience to that call is the best option.

Developing Your Relationship With God Part 36

The Christian life is a process. Sometimes it seems like we’re taking baby steps in our journey of faith. But God honors those steps and welcomes us no matter what stage we’re in. 


How To Respond With Grace To Those Who Oppose Christianity Part 38

In this world of increasing options, Christians are sometimes looked upon as being intolerant of other walks of faith. Solid counsel on how to respond with grace to those who oppose Christianity.

The Rewards Are Plentiful When We Rely On God's Provision Part 43

In an era of fast food, drive thru ATMs, and cell phones . . . waiting is not a popular pastime. And yet, God often asks us to wait on His timing for things to occur. Whether it’s awaiting the fulfillment of a promise, or anticipating His direction for your life . . . God’s timing is perfect.

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An inspiring look at Mary's life Part 9

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How can we be confident in the security of God? Part 4

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What does it mean to abide in the Lord? Part 2

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Praying for others is risky business Part 4

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