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Looking For Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage? Part 1

Relationships take work. But the marriage relationship is the toughest one of all. Perhaps you’re struggling with your spouse right now.

Hope For Even The Most Tenuous Marriage Relationships Part 2

It takes a lot of work to sustain a good marriage. And when times get tough, it may even look easier to find a way out rather than a way through.

The Importance Of Marriage Vows Part 3

Committing yourself to someone else for a lifetime is a significant step! Practical ways to build a healthy marriage.

What It Means To Really Commit To Your Spouse Part 4

Even a good marriage can have a bad day. But that single moment doesn’t need to spoil the entire journey.  Practical advice on safeguarding your marriage.

What Makes A Lasting Marriage? Part 5

He gets down on one knee . . . she says yes . . . and it’s all flowers and romance from there on out . . . right? Wrong! Life takes over, schedules are demanding and sometimes love gets lost in the shuffle.

God’s Plan For Marriage And How To Safeguard Your Relationship Part 6

If you’ve been affected by divorce, whether in your own family or in the family of someone you know, then you’ve felt the heartbreak that results from a broken home.

Biblical Encouragement And Advice For Your Marriage Part 7

Maintaining a good marriage takes lots of energy and effort. Is your relationship is going through rocky times right now? Find encouragement with us today. 

Marriage Is More Than A Legal Contract . . . It’s A Covenant Relationship Part 8

The term covenant isn’t heard very often in our culture, and perhaps you’re wondering how it could help strengthen your marriage. Join us for a dynamic conversation!

A Discussion On The Covenant Relationship God Planned For Your Marriage Part 9

Marriage is more than a legal contract. It’s a promise, a commitment, to be together until “death do us part.” Want a relationship that outlasts tough times?

What The Bible Says About Marriage . . . And How To Make It Work! Part 10

As the expression goes: opposites attract. So how do you make a marriage work with two people who are as different as night and day? Perhaps your relationship is struggling right now. Find practical advice today!

Practical Advice For Keeping Your Marriage Safe From The Storm Part 11

Most marriages start out with the best intentions. You promise to love, honor, and cherish one another for “as long as you both shall live.” But when the storms of life are raging, those promises are hard to keep.

Encouragement To Those Struggling In Their Marriage Part 12

In a culture rampant with divorce, it’s refreshing to hear of couples that have endured the tough times.

What Commitment In Marriage Is All About Part 14

What keeps good people from walking down the aisle to get married? For some, it’s the fear of commitment. They’re afraid of being tied down to responsibilities.

The True Meaning Of Commitment Part 15

For some marriages, the good times end right after the marriage ceremony is over, while other marriages flourish and deepen over time. Ever wonder what it takes to make it through the long haul in your relationship?

What Makes A Marriage Last After The Honeymoon Is Over? Part 16

A bride dreams about her wedding day years before she walks the aisle. She chooses the dress, the flowers, the music . . . tirelessly planning the big day. But marriage is so much more than a wedding ceremony.