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How God Interacts With Us On A Daily Basis . . . Through Good Times And Bad Part 19

Does receiving blessings mean everything in life is going great? Or is it possible to receive God’s blessings even in the darkest times?

A Challenge For Us To Choose The Eternal Blessings Over Temporal Ones Part 21

It’s easy to get caught up in our daily lives, isn’t it? We live in the here and now . . . with little thought of the future. And yet, God asks us to have an eternal perspective.

Are We Following God Because We Love Him, Or Because Of What He Can Offer In Return? Part 72

What’s your view of God? A cosmic Santa Claus, of sorts? Someone who rewards you for good behavior?

A Revealing Discussion On Out-of-the Blue Blessings Part 24

Ever receive a substantial gift from a friend that was entirely unexpected? It’s easy to think we somehow deserve them and forget that they’re an unearned expression of someone’s love.

What It Means To Really Commit To Your Spouse Part 4

Even a good marriage can have a bad day. But that single moment doesn’t need to spoil the entire journey.  Practical advice on safeguarding your marriage.

A Discussion About The Basic Elements Of Poetry In The Old Testament Part 17

Have you ever tried to write your own psalm? Well, according to the team at “Discover the Word,” it’s a great way to express your heart to God . . . and can be a meaningful form of worship. Enjoy a creative and inspirational discussion.

Find out if Jacob is the answer to a centuries-old riddle Part 1

A good mystery always leaves the reader in suspense, right up until the final page. Let's introduce a new study on the life of Jacob, from the perspective of a “whodunit.” Immerse yourself in the story.

Discover how what looks like favoritism is actually a sovereign plan to bless the entire world Part 2

There is an entire nation of individuals identified in Scripture as “God’s chosen people.” But where did this divine favoritism come from? Let's go back to the origins of Israel, and God’s promises to His people.

God’s mysterious way of working out His amazing plan! Part 3

We know that God has a plan for us. But how He accomplishes that plan can often leave us scratching our heads! If the life of Jacob tells us anything, it’s that those confusing events are all part of God’s amazing plan!

Discover how God can transform our identities Part 4A

Names can stick with us for years. Perhaps you’ve had labels, nicknames, or reputations haunt you since childhood. Let's study why Jacob’s name made him an unlikely participant in God’s sovereign plan. Our study of Jacob continues.

Discover the surprising connections between Jacob and Jesus Part 4B

More than a millennium separates Jacob, the father of Israel, and Jesus, the promised Savior. Let's study one such link between Jacob and Jesus—snakes. Pull up a chair and be a part of the conversation.

Find out how God uses flawed families Part 6

Does your family fight and bicker? Perhaps there are a few skeletons in your family’s closet. Don’t worry; you’re not alone! Let's reveal the decades-old feud that took place in Jacob’s family, and how God’s mercy showed up in the midst of domestic conflict.

Let’s take a closer look at Jacob’s life-transforming vision Part 7

Exhausted from running from his lies and deceit, Jacob finally fell asleep. And the dream God gave him turned his entire life around! Have you had a moment that changed your life?

Continuing our series on Jacob, and discovering how God is for us! Part 13

Ever felt like you and the Lord were going toe-to-toe over an issue in your life? Let's study Genesis chapter 32 and Jacob’s wrestling match with God. We’ll discover that God is not against us, but rather, He’s for us!

Biblical wisdom on how to live a blessed life Part 2

Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what it takes to be happy. But if we truly want to experience a fulfilled life, we have to be careful who we listen to! Tune in to hear biblical wisdom.