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God Often Places Challenges In Our Path To Bring Us Closer To Him Part 30

Change is difficult. It usually involves leaving our comfort zone and moving into uncharted territory. At times God calls us to leave our secure environment so that we learn to place our security in Him.

With God's Help Your Faith Can Grow To Be Strong And Thriving Part 33

Matthew 17:20 says, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed . . . nothing will be impossible for you.” A mustard plant starts out as a tiny seed . . . but grows into a flourishing tree. Faith can do the same.

Abraham's Legacy Of Faith Part 35

Faith comes with a measure of uncertainty. Stepping out on faith in God often puts you at risk of entering the unknown. But Abraham of the Old Testament shows us that when God calls us, obedience to that call is the best option.

Developing Your Relationship With God Part 36

The Christian life is a process. Sometimes it seems like we’re taking baby steps in our journey of faith. But God honors those steps and welcomes us no matter what stage we’re in. 


When We Follow God's Lead, We End Up In Places Greater Than We Ever Imagined Part 51

Following Christ is an adventure! When your journey with Christ begins, you don’t always know where He will take you. God often reveals His plan only one step at a time.

What Do We Do When The Facts Of Faith And The Facts Of Life Don't Add Up? Part 55

What happens when the beliefs we’ve professed don’t seem to make sense once we’re knee deep in life? Let's examine the tough decisions we have to make when God calls us to move forward in faith.

What It Means To Be “blameless” Before God Part 29

Genesis 17 verse 1, says “God came to Abraham and said, ‘I am Almighty God.  Walk before Me and be blameless.’” Does that mean we need to live perfect lives? If so, it seems that perfection isn’t happening any time soon! 

Explore Some Of God's Promises That Can Help Us During Times Of Pain And Suffering Part 50

When you’re going through a tough time, are there particular Bible verses that come to your rescue? Promises from Scripture that carry you through the darkness?


Have You Come To A Crossroads In Your Life? Don’t Know Which Path To Choose? Part 54

Living by faith. It’s not an easy road to travel. We aren’t given a road map showing exactly which choices to make and which paths to follow.

A Deep Belief In God Can Be Expressed Through Our Actions Part 6

Many people think of faith as an ethereal concept . . . nothing more than wishful thinking . . . with little or  no tangible proof. Would you like a fresh perspective on faith?

A Lively Discussion On The Consequences Of Choosing To Reject God Part 7

So many people turn their backs on God out of fear. Fear of losing control. Fear of giving up their freedom and liberties. 

Could There Be A Different Conclusion To The Ancient Story Of Gideon? Part 2

Over the years, men and women have used the biblical story of Gideon to determine God’s will for their lives. If we put out our own fleece . . . then we’ll know which direction God wants us to go.

Wondering If God Can Use You? Part 25

Even when we make mistakes, we can trust God to make something good out of our situation. Discover the ways God takes our poor choices and turns them into building blocks for accomplishing His purpose.

Even As Adults, We Can Fall Into The Trap Of Taking Advantage Of God’s Grace Part 30

We try to teach our children the difference between right and wrong. But when they disobey without consequence, our kids assume they can get away with anything!

Take An Honest Look At God’s Grace-filled Work Through His People Part 34

So often we think God can’t use us because of all the mistakes we’ve made. And yet, the Bible has countless examples of ordinary, imperfect people used by a holy God.