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Having The Right Understanding Of God Is Extremely Important Part 59

How do you picture God? Is He involved in your life? Or a distant observer? 

Open Your Eyes To A Whole New Understanding Of The Bible Part 37

Sometimes the Bible is hard to understand. In fact . . . sometimes it doesn’t even seem to make sense! Putting Scripture into the context of those who wrote it.

Is There Something Standing In The Way Of Your Worship Of God? Part 29

Idolatry isn’t just an ancient word for ancient people. Idolatry put into perspective for us in the twenty-first century.

A Discussion About Growing Through Failure Part 35

In the dark times of failure, all our faults and failures seem to come into focus. And that’s when we crave God’s presence and intervention! Perhaps you’ve done some things you aren’t proud of . . . or even think you’re beyond redemption.

How To Release A Burden. Are You Carrying Something Heavy Today? Part 24

Ever notice how trusting God comes easier at certain times of your life than others? But even during the most difficult trials, a close relationship with God can lighten the load you carry.

The Difference A Deep, Committed Relationship With God Can Make In Your Life! Part 23

Friendship means a lot, doesn’t it? It brings the joy and companionship we long for in life. But have you ever thought of becoming close friends with God?