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A Practical Look At Facing Trials Part 31

One of the most defining moments in a person’s life is making it through a seemingly impossible situation. The trials we face mold us into the men and women we are meant to be. Overcoming difficulties helps us mature as followers of God.

The Life-changing Outcomes That Occur When We Respond To God's Calling Part 48

The decisions we make not only affect us . . . but they affect the people around us as well. It’s the same when we follow God’s call for our lives. Discerning and acting on the will of God will impact your family, friends, and co-workers.

Let's Discuss The Long-range Point Of View Christian Need To Take Part 53

There are times when we’re walking down the road and can’t see what’s beyond the horizon. We can’t see the outcome God has in store for us. We don’t always get a preview of the grand finale God has prepared for our lives.

How To Stay The Course When Your Emotions Are Leading You Elsewhere Part 54

Sometimes the things God calls us to do don’t resonate with us. We feel we should go one way and at the same time we know God is asking us to go in a different direction.

Yielding Control Of Our Lives Into God's Capable Hands Part 56

Is God trustworthy? He asks us to give our lives over to Him . . . and if we’ve found Him to be dependable in the past, surrendering to Him should be easy, right?

Give God A Chance To Work . . . You’ll Find He’s Always Faithful Part 25

Waiting for God to fulfill His promises can feel tedious. Sometimes it seems like the only way to get results is to take control ourselves.

Solid, Biblical Counsel On Following God’s Plan Part 26

Sometimes our way sounds so much better than God’s way, doesn’t it? And yet, when we take matters into our own hands . . . we end up making a big mess of things. When doubt sets in, we can trust God . . . with confidence . . . to keep His promises! 

Having Difficulty Waiting For God To Take Action? Part 38

Nobody likes to wait. So how do we respond when God doesn’t work in the timeframe we expect?

The Principle Of Submission Is Widely Misunderstood, And Often Manipulated Part 24

Submission is not a popular word. We want to be in control of our lives . . . not surrender our plans to someone else.

The Important Role Faith Plays In Our Lives Part 1

Faith is an integral part of the life of a follower of God. Hear about real-life examples of faith.

Following God’s Plan . . . And Learning To Trust Him Along The Way Part 2

More often than not, God’s plan for our lives travels a different road than the plan we would have set for ourselves.

Wondering If God Can Use You? Part 25

Even when we make mistakes, we can trust God to make something good out of our situation. Discover the ways God takes our poor choices and turns them into building blocks for accomplishing His purpose.

A Man God Used In A Profound And Dramatic Way Part 48

The judges described in the Bible are different than the ones we think of today, presiding over a court of law. Let's meet one of the Old Testament judges.

The Dangers Of Belief In God Without A Solid Foundation In Theology Part 51

Belief in God doesn’t necessarily mean you understand God’s character correctly. Can blind faith actually cause more harm than good?

Sometimes People Do Rash Things In The Name Of Faith Part 56

The Bible story of Jephthah has sparked intense debate over the years. Let's get to the heart of the question . . . how could this man sacrifice his own child to please God?