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Looking For Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage? Part 1

Relationships take work. But the marriage relationship is the toughest one of all. Perhaps you’re struggling with your spouse right now.

The True Meaning Of Commitment Part 15

For some marriages, the good times end right after the marriage ceremony is over, while other marriages flourish and deepen over time. Ever wonder what it takes to make it through the long haul in your relationship?

What Makes A Marriage Last After The Honeymoon Is Over? Part 16

A bride dreams about her wedding day years before she walks the aisle. She chooses the dress, the flowers, the music . . . tirelessly planning the big day. But marriage is so much more than a wedding ceremony.

What Love Means In A Healthy Marriage Part 17

If we were to ask one hundred people to define the word, “love,” we’d probably get a hundred different answers! Perhaps you’re struggling in your relationship right now.

How Agape Love Sustains A Marriage During The Most Difficult Seasons Part 18

The romantic feelings expressed at a wedding ceremony don’t last forever. So how do you continue to keep the home fires burning when the realities of life settle in?

A Whole New Perspective On Intimacy In Marriage Part 20

The word, “intimacy” is often used to describe romantic love. Struggling to find a deeper connection with your spouse?

What Grace In Marriage Looks Like Part 21

We’ve heard of God’s grace towards us . . . but how do we extend that grace to others? Often it’s at home . . . under our own roof . . . that grace is needed most! Hope for your relationships.


A Look At Key Ingredients To Deepening Your Marriage Part 23

Anyone can get married. But being married doesn’t automatically mean you have a deep, intimate relationship with your spouse. Need help connecting with your spouse?

The Principle Of Submission Is Widely Misunderstood, And Often Manipulated Part 24

Submission is not a popular word. We want to be in control of our lives . . . not surrender our plans to someone else.

Practical Ways To Build Up Your Mate Part 25

For generations, in homes all across the world, the passages in the Bible that talk about submission have sparked lively debate. But for those who truly understand the principles of submission, and apply them, deep and lasting partnerships are forged . . . and enjoyed.

A Lively Discussion About The Human Desire To Be Loved And Understood Part 26

We all want to be accepted. But there’s often a tension between wanting to be known and the fear of not being loved. Find yourself having difficulty opening up to others?


Ways To Cultivate An Intimate, Meaningful Relationship With Your Spouse Part 28

It’s not easy to develop a strong marriage! It’s more than putting food on the table and sharing household chores. 

How To Cultivate Your Marriage . . . Through Good Times And Bad Part 41

All relationships take work . . . but none more so than a marriage. Going through a difficult season with your husband or wife?

What Qualifies A Marriage As Being Christian? Part 1

Going through a Christian wedding ceremony in a church does not necessarily make for a Christian marriage. Let's tackle what does make a Christian marriage.

Find Out What God Has In Store For Your Marriage Part 2

Some people get married because they’re looking for someone to complete them. Others marry because they’re lonely and want someone to fill that void. Regardless of the reason, God can redeem any Christian marriage, and create a relationship far beyond your expectations!