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Our Work Matters To God! Part 7

It’s far more than just getting a paycheck. Whether you spend your work days in the church, an office, or at home, the responsibilities we carry out can and should glorify God.

How small acts of love can have a big impact Part 8

We may never eradicate homelessness, feed the world’s hungry, or care for all the orphans of the world. But through simple actions, we can effect eternal change! Let's explore Mary’s encounter with Jesus in Mark 14.

Discover how it's our very brokenness that makes us candidates for serving the Lord Part 15

Ever feel like all the flaws in your family history make you ineligible for God’s work? Maybe you’ve heard God’s call for your life, but don’t feel qualified to accept. It's the conclusion of the series “The Beauty of Broken.”

Using our testimonies to share the love and grace of God with others Part 5

You can argue over facts, figures, and viewpoints. But it’s tough to debate a personal story! Learn how to “shine” for Christ.