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A Continuing In-depth Look At What It Means To Live A Life Of Faith Part 19

We may not have a perfect track record . . . but we can choose right now to believe God. That’s the essence of faith . . . believing God will keep His promises.

The Spiritual Legacy We Leave Our Children Part 20

As a parent, we want to pass along our faith and beliefs to our children. But that’s not an easy task! Concerned you’re not getting the right message through to your kids?

Continuing Our In-depth Study Of The Life Of Samson Part 23

We all have a desire to choose our own path in life . . . and yet it often feels like our direction or circumstances were forced upon us.

Explore Ways To Read The Bible As A Story, While Staying In Line With The Author’s Original Intent Part 40

The Bible is far more than a book of rules and regulations. It’s a vibrant piece of literature . . . full of narrative, poetry and instruction.

The Dangers Of Belief In God Without A Solid Foundation In Theology Part 51

Belief in God doesn’t necessarily mean you understand God’s character correctly. Can blind faith actually cause more harm than good?

Sometimes People Do Rash Things In The Name Of Faith Part 56

The Bible story of Jephthah has sparked intense debate over the years. Let's get to the heart of the question . . . how could this man sacrifice his own child to please God?

How Can We Trust God When He Seems So Mysterious To Us, And Even Unknown? Part 61

We'll answer this question as we talk about Jephthah . . . an obscure Old Testament character that God honored for his strong faith.

Faith Is A Matter Of The Head And The Heart Part 62

Everyone believes something about God, even if they choose not to believe in Him. What we believe about God governs our actions and thoughts.

Explore The Extraordinary Life Of An Ordinary Man, Samuel Part 2

It’s in the daily grind where trusting God is the most difficult. Do you have the strength to trust God in good times and bad?

The Importance Of Symbolism In The Christian Faith Part 4

The cross has become a symbol of salvation to people of the Christian faith. But is it possible to put more faith in the symbol of the cross than in the God behind it? 

Commitment To God, Lived Out Day-to-day Can Have A Huge Impact Part 9

Often, we think the only way to make a difference in the world is to accomplish something big. But some of the biggest impact comes in ordinary expressions of faith.

Haddon Robinson Presents A Special First-hand Account Of King David Part 2

In ancient times, stories were passed around by word of mouth. Even today, families reminisce about days gone by through storytelling. Hear how David’s experiences as a young boy prepared him to be the king of a nation. 

Let’s Uncover The True Story Of David And Goliath Part 3

The story of David and Goliath is timeless . . . often used to describe business competitors or schoolyard bullies. But this isn’t a fabricated fairytale designed to give the underdog a chance to win.

An In-depth Study About The Showdown Between David And Goliath Part 5

Each of us has been gifted with certain skills and talents. And it’s when we use these gifts that God accomplishes great things through us.

An Honest Look At Doubting, And How To Get Through To The Other Side Part 7

Have you ever gone through seasons of questioning God? When doubts loom larger than the answers?