Episode Finding Joy in the Journey | Week 4

Spend four weeks studying through Paul's letter to the Philippians with Bill and Elisa and Daniel and Rasool. They'll each take turns leading a chapter as they discover how it's possible to have joy in the struggles of life; how we can find joy in serving; and in what sense we can "do all things." It's another study through a book of the Bible that will inform how you read the Scriptures and challenge you as you live as a follower of Christ. Study Philippians with the Discover the Word group in this month-long focus on this pivotal New Testament book, and Find Joy in the Journey.

Dates October 23 - November 17, 2023
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day and Rasool Berry
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Chapter 16

Even people who share a common goal and work closely together can sometimes find themselves at odds. In this chapter, you’ll hear Paul’s earnest encouragement to the church at Philippi to set aside their differences and be of one mind. It’s good advice for us too!

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Chapter 17

Do you ever feel like the Lord is far away? Times when God seems distant? But the Bible makes it clear that “the Lord is near”! In this chapter, you’ll discover this timeless truth as you study the book of Philippians.

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Chapter 18

For most of us, asking for help feels uncomfortable. We want to do things on our own. But is that really how we’re meant to live as Christians? In this chapter, you’ll find out why asking for help, from God and others, is key to success in the kingdom!

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Chapter 19

As Paul traveled and shared the good news of Jesus Christ, he became deeply connected to a network of people that we call the church! In this chapter, you’ll explore why being connected to the body of Christ is still necessary for us today.

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Chapter 20

We can work remotely, meet online, and order food for delivery or pick-up. But all these modern conveniences aren’t necessarily helping us connect with people.  Instead, more and more people today feel isolated and alone. In this chapter, you’ll better understand the importance of being connected, especially in today’s disconnected world.

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