Episode Live By Faith

One of the ways in which we learn is through repetition. From math processes to language skills to athletic endeavors to musical instruments, learning takes place as the same ideas are reinforced consistently through repetition. This also happens in the Bible, where we find a verse from the tiny book of Habakkuk being repeated three times in the New Testament. What are the elements that make this a verse worth repeating?

Dates May 24-28, 2021
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, and Daniel Ryan Day
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Chapter 1

The prophet Habakkuk wrote, “The righteous will live by their faithfulness to God.” And this phrase is so important and profound, it’s repeated three times throughout the New Testament! In this chapter, you’ll consider why faith and faithfulness are crucial in your relationship with God.

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Chapter 2

The Bible says that every good and perfect gift is from above. And that applies to more than just our material blessings! In this chapter, you’ll discover how God gives the gifts of faith and salvation and why those gifts should transform us from the inside out.

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Chapter 3

Most people think that life is all about building a career and raising a family with a little time at the end for retirement. But the life God gives us is so much more! In this chapter, you’ll learn about the abundant life that God offers through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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Chapter 4

Life is full of painful hardships and unexpected trials. In the face of suffering, it’s easy to become discouraged! In this chapter, you’ll turn to Hebrews chapter 11 for an encouraging word about faith and hope in the midst of trouble.

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Chapter 5

We often think of the Old and New Testaments as two separate entities, but in reality, the Bible is one book that tells one long story! In this chapter, you’ll see how faith is a central theme in the story of the Bible—which is the story of God and His love for us.

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