Episode The Impact of Place | Week 4

In this series on Discover the Word, the group explores the importance of “where” with our Bible geography expert Dr. Jack Beck. Jack is convinced that location almost always shapes our understanding of an event, and so for that reason, God speaks geographically. The Bible has geography on virtually every page. Discover with the group why geography is not just trivia, it is an essential element of God’s communication with us. Dr. Jack Beck continues to open our eyes to how critical and meaningful geography is in the Scriptures as he returns to the Discover the Word table for “The Impact of Place—Part 2.”

Dates June 28 - July 2, 2021
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day, and guest Dr. Jack Beck
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Chapter 16

If you’re familiar with the Christmas story, then you know that it takes place in the town of Bethlehem. But is there a reason Bethlehem was chosen as the backdrop to the Christmas story? In this chapter, you’ll consider why this little town of David is so important to Jesus’ birth.

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Chapter 17

These days, backpacking in the wilderness is a popular leisure activity. But in Bible times, the wilderness was to be avoided at all costs! In this chapter, you’ll consider the parallelism between the Israelite’s forty years of wandering and Jesus’ forty days of fasting in the wilderness.

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Chapter 18

The death of a loved one always hurts, whether it happens without warning or you see it coming from years away. In this chapter, you’ll revisit one of the Bible’s most famous death accounts and consider why the location is so significant.

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Chapter 19

When we read the Bible, we tend to skim over the sentences that describe where an event takes place. But doing so does a great disservice to that passage of Scripture! In this chapter, you’ll uncover the significance in where Philip traveled during his ministry.

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Chapter 20

In many places, the church today looks much different than it did a generation ago. And in the same way, the early church went through drastic changes that helped shape the future of the church. In this chapter, you’ll see how the early church grew and developed in three distinct and significant locations.

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