Episode Transcendence

Dr. Mark Young, president of Denver Seminary, joins the group for a fascinating discussion of the ideas of transcendence and immanence. Immanence, God with us in our experience, the birth of Jesus, is what we celebrate at Christmas. But our understanding of Jesus is incomplete if we focus only on immanence. Discover why the idea of Jesus being transcendent, above and beyond our experience, is an important part of our faith in God.

Dates January 2-6, 2023
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Daniel Ryan Day and Guest Mark Young
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Chapter 1

While it’s comforting to think about God’s intimate presence in our daily lives, it’s important to remember that God is more! He’s both immanent and transcendent! In this chapter, you’ll hear Dr. Mark Young, President of Denver Seminary, discuss the aspects of God that go beyond our human experience.

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Chapter 2

The disciple Thomas is well-known for his skepticism. And like Thomas, many Christians face doubts that hold us back from fully embracing the Christian life. In this chapter, you’ll confront a challenging question: What keeps you from following Jesus?

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Chapter 3

After Peter denied Jesus three times, God still called Peter to serve. So maybe it’s time to stop holding on to past failures and start asking how God can use you! In this chapter, you’ll discover how God speaks into your broken places to restore you for His purpose.

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Chapter 4

Saul was shocked by the resurrected Jesus on the road to Damascus. In a moment he was transformed from an antagonistic persecutor into a humble follower of Christ. In this chapter, you’ll examine why we all need to come face to face with the transcendent Jesus to truly follow Him!

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Chapter 5

Have you ever skipped ahead to read the end of a book or story? Well, sometimes knowing what happens next helps us better understand what’s really going on. In this chapter, you’ll jump ahead to the end of God’s big story to examine the transcendent God revealed in Revelation!

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