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Look at an Old Testament marriage proposal with a twist! Part 6

He gets down on one knee, she says yes, and they live happily ever after. While every proposal is unique, they typically follow a common pattern.

Find powerful lessons for today, as we continue an in-depth look at the life of Ruth Part 5

Character greatly influences the choices we make. And when faced with the option to do the right thing, or go another way, integrity makes all the difference!

Discover why it’s important to understand the culture in which a Bible passage is written Part 4

It’s important to understand the culture in which a Bible passage is written, so we can accurately interpret, and apply, that passage to our lives today. Let's study the historical context of Ruth chapter three, to understand a risky choice Ruth made.

Examine one passage in Ruth chapter three, and discover that things aren’t always as they seem Part 3

There are passages in the Bible that appear pretty risqué at first glance. When we understand the culture, we find that things aren’t always as they seem!

Is it ever right to do something wrong? Part 2

Is it ever right to do something wrong—with good motives and for a good end result? Let's tackle the difficult question: Do the ends justify the means?

Finding the balance between waiting patiently on the Lord, and taking action Part 1

Every follower of God knows the tug-of-war between waiting patiently on Him, and taking action. Let's discuss this sensitive balance as we study the book of Ruth, and learn practical tools for our life.

How we can share God’s loving-kindness with those around us Part 44

If you’ve received help from a friend or family member, you know the impact kindness can have on life. Let's reflect on the ways God shows loving-kindness to those who follow Him.

A thought-provoking conversation on God’s provision Part 43

God uses ordinary people like you and me to bless others in need. Perhaps, for instance, you’ve been the recipient of financial help from a friend, just when you needed it most.

Explore the art of translation, and the implications it has on understanding God’s Word Part 42

Translating the Bible from its original language is a tedious and complicated assignment.

Discover the lasting impact when we welcome others around our table Part 40

Whether it’s a holiday feast, or a simple meal with friends, memories of loved ones gathered at our dinner table warm our hearts. Another practical lesson from the book of Ruth.

The art of expressing our gratitude Part 39

Have you ever had someone express thanks, but you could tell it was disingenuous?

Knowing how to help others without offending them Part 38

Have you ever tried to help someone, only to have it backfire on you? Let's touch on the sensitive issue of knowing the appropriate time, and way, to help others without injuring their pride.

How God uses a surrendered life Part 34

When we turn our lives over to God’s saving grace, it changes the way we treat those we come into contact with. Timeless lessons from the book of Ruth.

Gain insight from the book of Ruth on how to interact with others Part 33

Our past experiences often cloud the way we view those around us. It’s not easy being objective when we meet someone new! A discussion on relationships.

An insightful look at the first encounter of Ruth and Boaz Part 32

Our character is often revealed in the way we treat men and women we meet, regardless of their station in life.