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Reflecting on the decisions that shape our lives Part 10

Making major decisions can be difficult. Who we marry, the types of education we receive, the job we take, these are all choices that take consideration and prayer.

A fascinating discussion on the conversion experience of Moses Part 11

Whether at a public event or in the privacy of someone’s home, the choice to relinquish your life to God is deeply personal, and uniquely yours.

Are you wrestling with where God has you right now? Part 13

Ever made a decision to do something you thought God wanted you to do, only to end up in a miserable place? Let's examine the life of Moses, a man of faith who struggled with God’s direction for his life.

A thought-provoking discussion on the most important decision of our lives Part 23

There comes a point of crisis in every person’s life when they need to choose to follow God, or reject Him. Are you at a crossroads right now?

How the decisions we make today can shape our future Part 25

The smallest choices we make, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time, can have a huge impact on our life. Perhaps you’re at a crossroads right now.