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"A Song Of Hopeful Trust" Part 1

When trials disrupt our lives, it’s natural to feel helpless and hopeless. But there’s one person we can always turn to for help. Today on Discover the Word, the team turns to Psalm 121 for a reminder that help comes from the Lord. Be part of the start of a new series titled, “A Song of Hopeful Trust,” today on Discover the Word!

Asking The Right Questions Part 5

Before a judge issues a verdict, all the evidence has to be considered! And today on Discover the Word, we consider the evidence that took Thomas, “The Disciple of Doubt” from skepticism to belief. Learn how your faith can grow when you start asking the right questions, today on Discover the Word!

Asking The Awkward Questions Part 3

Have you ever been around someone who spoke their mind a little too loudly? Today on Discover the Word, the team talks about “The Disciple of Doubt,” and his tendency to ask the awkward questions no one else would. Discover how Thomas’s questions moved him from skepticism to belief, when you listen today to Discover the Word!

The Skeptic Who Believed Part 2

The King of Rock and Roll, Honest Abe, and Doubting Thomas. Some nicknames just stick. But today on Discover the Word, we will reveal that Thomas’s story didn’t end in doubt. It ended in faith! Tune in to discover what we can learn from the “Disciple of Doubt,” today on Discover the Word!

Thomas The "Disciple Of Doubt" Part 1

Nicknames have a way of sticking with people. But few nicknames have been as enduring, or unfortunate as “Doubting Thomas.” Today on Discover the Word, we begin a study on the “Disciple of Doubt” by asking the question, was Thomas’s doubt a good thing? Learn how doubts can actually lead to greater faith when you listen today to Discover the Word!

Emotions Can Blind You To The Truth Part 5

Whether you’re near-sighted or far-sighted, without the right lens, your world’s going to be a blur. And it’s no different spiritually! Today on Discover the Word, the team wraps up their series called, Eye Openers, with a look at how our emotions can blind us to Jesus’s presence. Listen today to Discover the Word!

Let's Not Miss What's Most Important Part 4

Today on Discover the Word, we continue the series titled,  “Eye Openers” by taking a closer look at some biblical truths we might miss if we’re not careful. Today’s topic examines how we might miss something that seems too good to be true. Listen today right here on Discover the Word!

Hiding In Plain Sight! Part 3

Glasses and a haircut might not seem like much of a disguise, but it’s enough to conceal Superman’s identity. He’s hiding in plain sight! And often so is Jesus.  Today on Discover the Word, group members examine how we might miss Jesus walking right beside us. Listen today to Discover the Word.

"Eye Opener" Part 2

Have you ever run around the house looking for your glasses, only to find them already on your head? Sometimes we miss the most obvious things! And today on Discover the Word, we'll continue a series called “Eye Openers” by showing  a common reason we miss seeing Jesus in our lives. Get your spiritual vision checked today on Discover the Word!

Would You Recognize Jesus's Voice? Part 1

It can be really awkward when someone waves and calls your name and you realize you have no idea who they are! There’s plenty of people we should recognize, but don’t. But what if one of those people we don’t recognize is Jesus? Today on Discover the Word, we’ll get a fresh look at how to recognize when it’s Jesus,…

Choosing the legacy we leave behind Part 10

We all have limited time on this earth, but we’d all like to leave behind a legacy, wouldn’t we? And the good news is that in many ways, we get to choose what that legacy is like. Today on Discover the Word, be part of the group discussion as they conclude their two-week series titled, “Beauty-Full Beings.” Find out how…

Loving God and others through our scars Part 9

They might not be visible, but we all have scars—both physical and emotional. And our natural instinct is to hide them. But today on Discover the Word, the team will offer biblical encouragement and show how we can actually love God and love others with our scars. It’s part of what makes us “Beauty-Full Beings.” Listen today for this encouraging edition…

Loving God with our gifts Part 8

Whether you’re an artist or a mathematician, God has built into each of us a creative spark! And today on Discover the Word, we consider the ways in which our creative talents are used by God to love others. Loving God with our craft—it’s part of the series titled “Beauty-Full Beings.” Tune in today for Discover the Word!

Discover how our unique personality affects the way we love God Part 7

No two people are the same. And that’s a good thing! But how does our unique personality affect the way we love God? Today on Discover the Word, we will explore how our understanding of what it means to be a “Beauty-Full Being” changes the way we engage with our Creator. Listen today to Discover the Word!

Learning to love God with your entire being Part 6

Today on Discover the Word, Elisa Morgan leads the team in discussion in regard to what it means that God created us as “Beauty-Full Beings.” We’ll learn how loving God isn’t just a mental or emotional state, but something that happens in the physical world! Discover the life-changing wisdom of the Bible when you listen today to Discover the Word!

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