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Uncover The Root Of Envy, And How It Breeds Discontentment Part 50

Ever compared yourself with a colleague or neighbor and felt you fell short of the mark? Perhaps they get more respect at work, or they have a bigger, nicer home.

Personal Stories Of God’s Provision Part 49

When you look back, do you see the hand of God working in your life? His faithfulness in the past gives us confidence to push through difficulties in the present and the future. Find the courage to keep pressing ahead.

Discover How A Jealous Attitude Can Ultimately Cause Destruction In Our Lives Part 47

It’s a “dog-eat-dog” world out there. And for some, that means sacrificing nothing to get to the top.

Discover How To Win The Battle Over Jealousy And Envy Part 46

So, what comes to mind when you hear the word, “covet”? Well, jealousy and envy are attitudes that affect many of the decisions we make. Take a look at these attitudes of the heart.

Taking An Honest Look At Our Priorities Part 45

What will people remember about your life? Will they see generosity, patience and love? Discover the importance of putting your faith before the stuff you own.

How To Effectively Build Into Those We Love Part 44

When you’re no longer here on earth, what legacy will you leave behind? Take some time to consider what’s consuming your deepest passions.

An Important Warning Against Covetousness Part 43

Our economy is designed to inspire a craving for more stuff. More money, a better job, a bigger house. Let's look at First Timothy chapter 6.

Discover What It Means To Be Truly Content Part 42

When you look around and see how others seem to have it all, it’s not easy being content with what we own. Especially when our friends seem to have much, much more!

An In-depth Discussion On That Elusive Quality, Contentment Part 41

In this age of technology and gadgets, we’re always looking for the latest and greatest products to improve our lives. It's all part of a study on the tenth commandment, “Thou shall not covet.”

The Danger Of Linking Financial Prosperity And God’s Blessing Part 40

It’s not uncommon for people to assume that financial prosperity and God’s approval are somehow linked together. Hey, if you’re a good person, God will bless you. Right? A lively discussion about this false notion of prosperity and blessing.

How Do You Balance Ambition And Faith? Part 39

So . . . when is enough, enough? Well, our culture’s view of wealth is entirely different from God’s!

Discover How To Steer Clear Of Those Dangerous Situations That Lead Us Into Sin Part 38

Each one of us faces temptation of some sort. It may be a certain kind of food we can’t resist, a store we love to shop in, or something heavier, that causes us to fall into sin.

Discover The Difference Between Our Attitudes And Actions, And How They Affect Our Relationship With God Part 36

It’s the matters of the heart, the stuff no one else sees, that are most important to God.

What It Means To Have True Freedom, Even From The Accumulation Of Stuff Part 35

The apostle Paul tells us in Romans chapter eight that as children of God we have glorious freedom from the things that have held us in bondage. It’s part of our series on the tenth commandment, thou shall not covet.

The Story Of A Man Who Sets His Sights On More, And Ends Up Losing Everything Part 33

How much wealth does a man need? How much influence or respect? Is there a limit to the things we crave? An important message on the realities of greed.

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