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Maybe you feel like God is testing your own faith right now Part 3

Isaac was the answer to Abraham and Sarah’s lifelong prayer. So why would God ask them to give him up? Personal insights into Abraham’s “faith test.”

Following God even when the road ahead is uncertain Part 2

When life is good, trust comes easy. But when our journey starts to feel like an uphill battle, we sometimes question God’s methods. Let's talk about “faith tests.”

An encouraging story you won’t want to miss Part 1

If you’ve ever been through a difficult season, you know the comfort a friend can offer. Today we welcome special guest, Carol Kuykendall to the discussion table. She’ll share her personal story of walking down cancer’s dark road, with close friend, Elisa, by her side!

How does a follower of Jesus distinguish himself? Part 5

You don’t have to believe in God in order to be a good person. So how does a follower of Jesus distinguish himself or herself from everyone else who’s trying to do “the right thing”? Discover the answer in a chain of virtues from Second Peter chapter 1.

In Second Peter chapter one, discover the biblical prescription for a fruitful faith Part 4

It would be a terrible waste to accept God’s grace, yet live a barren life. So how can a Christian see more of Jesus active in their life?

Peter, an unlikely follower of the Lord who left a legacy of faith! Part 1

Jesus often chose the most unlikely characters to follow Him and make an impact for God. Let's gather around the table to begin a study of the personal insights of the apostle Peter.

Gain a profound perspective on God’s grace Part 7

When the weight of life crushes down on us, and the pain is more than we can bear, our plea to God is “Why?” How our personal pain may be the perfect answer to the prayer; “Lord, have mercy.”

Let’s reflect on God’s consistent love in the midst of our inconsistent faith Part 31

Nobody’s perfect. Though we may falter now and again, we still hold on to God’s promise that He will forgive us, no matter the mistakes we make.

Looking at some of the common struggles of those who put their faith in God Part 30

Each of us approach the Bible with a different perspective. And as a result, we don’t always agree with one another on how the truths of God’s Word are applied. Gaining a clearer understanding of Scripture.

Embracing God’s one-of-a-kind design for our lives Part 29

It’s easy to go through the motions and mimic what other Christians are doing. But that would be missing God’s personal intentions for each of us! His unique plan for you!

Let’s look at the life of faith when your days feel monotonous Part 28

Do you ever find yourself getting bored with your daily routine? Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed. Repeat the cycle. It’s easy to get into a rut!

The issue of sin in the life of the faithful follower of Christ Part 27

No matter how hard we try, we can’t be all good all the time. But just a little faith in a powerful God makes all the difference!

An insightful discussion on how our faith is, or isn’t, evident in the way we live Part 26

Are your personal beliefs easily seen in the way you live your life? Join us for this convicting discussion about faith.

Let’s look at the difference between a belief in something and a trust in Jesus Christ Part 25

Ask the average person you meet, and they’ll likely tell you they consider themselves a spiritual person. But is that the same thing as being a person of faith?

Let's discuss the questions we all must answer Part 24

According to Haddon Robinson, there are five questions that, when answered, will help us decide whether we should, or shouldn’t put our faith in God.