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Reflecting on God’s profound grace and ways we can respond to His generosity Part 24

Basking in the benefits of God’s blessings, we often feel a sense of gratitude. But when God chooses to bless others with those same gifts, our reaction isn’t always thankfulness.

Embracing God’s greatest gift: grace Part 22

Trapped on a treadmill of performance, we’re liable to think the more good we do, the more God will love us. And if we stumble and fall, God will brush us aside. Let's embrace God’s generosity.

How God’s grace reverses our understanding of rewards and merit Part 21

The best-trained athlete gets the trophy. The most intelligent student gets the best grades. That’s the way our world works.

Discover the startling notion of grace in Jesus’ parable of the vineyard workers Part 12

Our employment system dictates that a full day’s work deserves a full day’s pay. But in Jesus’ economy, we receive even more than we’ve bargained for!

Uncovering the truth behind restoring relationships Part 29

Forgiveness and reconciliation take a lot of endurance and courage. But through the grace of God, restoration is possible!

Helpful tools for releasing resentment and offering true forgiveness Part 20

Resentment is an inevitable part of being wounded by someone’s words or actions. And if we don’t release that resentment, we’ll wind up hurting ourselves even more!

Where do consequences come into the process of forgiveness? Part 19

Even when we’ve forgiven someone for hurting us, it’s not always easy to forget the pain that was caused. Perhaps you’re struggling to mend a broken relationship right now.

Discover the positive effect of developing the habit of forgiveness Part 17

Did you know that when we forgive others, we reflect the forgiveness God bestows on each of us? Discover the positive effect the habit of forgiveness has on us!

The importance of forgiveness and the danger in refusing to forgive Part 16

We all influence one another by what we say and how we act. And if we’re not careful, our actions can even cause someone to drift away from God!

A Life Lived Under the Grace of God

Listen to Haddon Robinson as he speaks at a special surprise gathering to honor him at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Here he recounts some of the events that shaped his life.

Gain insight about when we need to show mercy to others Part 35

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount provides helpful insight on how to treat others. There are times we need to show mercy to others, rather than follow the letter of the law.

Discover what Jesus meant when he said, “Blessed are the merciful because they shall obtain mercy” Part 34

Have you ever known someone who held to the letter of the law, but missed the purpose behind it?

Explore the art of translation, and the implications it has on understanding God’s Word Part 42

Translating the Bible from its original language is a tedious and complicated assignment.

Discover the lasting impact when we welcome others around our table Part 40

Whether it’s a holiday feast, or a simple meal with friends, memories of loved ones gathered at our dinner table warm our hearts. Another practical lesson from the book of Ruth.

An insightful look at the first encounter of Ruth and Boaz Part 32

Our character is often revealed in the way we treat men and women we meet, regardless of their station in life.