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Engage in an important and personal conversation Part 1

Whether you’re a new listener, or a regular “Discover the Word” Bible study partner, you won’t want to miss the conversation. It’s one of the best discussions this year!

This Is a Football

Haddon Robinson is at his best when he's explaining the gospel. Listen to this sermon by Haddon, titled: "This Is a Football," from the book of Romans.

The Businessman Who Missed the Bottom Line—Luke 12

Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day is the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S.  For a bit of perspective, listen to one of Haddon's more memorable sermons—"The Businessman Who Missed the Bottom Line."

Don’t miss this descriptive analogy of the 23rd Psalm Part 7

What kind of animal would you consider to be courageous? A lion? An eagle? Whatever creature we put in that category, it certainly wouldn’t be a sheep! The 23rd Psalm calls us sheep. And following the Shepherd takes courage!

Church of God in Christ Chicken Restaurant

Listen to a sermon by Discover the Word's Haddon Robinson in which he tells a parable. Did the church in this parable cross a line?

Marking Time To Make Time

Are you frustrated because your life doesn't seem to be going anywhere? In this message by Haddon Robinson, learn from an event in the life of the Old Testament man Joseph how sometimes with God, the shortest distance to where He wants you to go involves going around in a circle. Haddon also gives some fascinating history of how the…

How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth

Do you often find the Bible a difficult book to understand when you read it? Listen to this conversation Haddon Robinson had with author Doug Stuart that will help you begin to know how to read the Bible for all it's worth.

Large Lessons from Little Creatures

May is "Graduation Month." Listen to a message by Haddon Robinson given at a Baccalaureate Service at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, and hear advice given to graduates (and everyone) that he "steals" from the book of Proverbs. It's four "Large Lessons from Little Creatures."

A Life Lived Under the Grace of God

Listen to Haddon Robinson as he speaks at a special surprise gathering to honor him at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Here he recounts some of the events that shaped his life.

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