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A Self-righteous Mind-set That Affects Our Relationship With God And Others Part 71

Our attitude is extremely important to God, especially when it’s reflected in our love for people.

Discover how humility paves the way to a deep relationship with God Part 15

The deeper we go into a relationship with God, the more we see how profoundly we need Him! Let's look at the Beatitude, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.”

How to gain wisdom when handling both victories and losses with grace Part 9

No matter how smart we are, we won’t win every argument. So how can we be humble when we win and gracious when we lose? Let's study the book of Job.

The miraculous life of Elisha Part 1

Elijah was a mighty man of valor, for about a day. Because after God gave him an amazing victory over the prophets of Baal, a threat from the opposition sent him running for cover. So how could he be a hero one day and a coward the next? It can happen to any of us if we take our eyes off God. Join the group today on "Discover the Word" as we begin a series on the miraculous life of Elisha, and how he was influenced by his mentor, Elijah.

Elisha, revealing the kinder, gentler side of God Part 2

Many husbands refer to their wives as their “better half.” And Elisha the prophet could have been called that too. Today on "Discover the Word," we'll discuss that although Elisha was a servant to his mentor, Elijah, he would do twice as many miracles, ones that revealed a “kinder and gentler” side of God. “The Miraculous Life of Elisha” continues today on "Discover the Word"!

Old Testament prophets reveal God’s character Part 3

Today on "Discover the Word," we'll discuss how Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha both represent God’s nature. Elijah shows Him more as a God of judgment, while Elisha shows more of God’s merciful side. And flashing forward, we can also see both of them in Jesus, who would come to save people from the judgment they brought on themselves.

Discover how Elisha fills the shoes of his mentor Part 4

Today on "Discover the Word," we will uncover another “Left Behind” story in the Bible. When the prophet Elijah was taken to heaven, caught up in a whirlwind, he left a very distressed Elisha. Elijah was his mentor, his friend, and his father in the faith. How could Elisha fill those shoes? Be part of the conversation today on "Discover the Word"!

Elijah’s last miracle became Elisha’s first Part 5

Today on "Discover the Word," we will continue the series on “The Miraculous Life of Elisha” by talking about Elisha’s transition from Elijah’s assistant, to his successor. Elijah was gone and so, it seemed, was Israel’s main spiritual defense. But now it was Elisha’s turn. And interestingly, Elijah’s last miracle became Elisha’s first. A fascinating twist to the conversation today on "Discover the Word"!

Looking at your "bucket list" in a whole new way Part 6

Today on Discover the Word, we welcome special guest and bestselling author Ann Voskamp to the table for a second week of a series of conversations based on Ann’s new book, called “The Broken Way.” Discover a new way of looking at your “bucket list” today on Discover the Word!

Love as a "roof" Part 7

Today on Discover the Word, special guest Ann Voskamp is at the table with the team, to talk about one of Jesus’s most important statements. Discover what that statement is, and why Ann finds the image of love as a “roof” so encouraging. Don’t miss today on Discover the Word!

Becoming a safe place for others Part 8

I’ll bet every one of us hid under the covers when we were kids. We were looking for a safe place, but today on Discover the Word, special guest Ann Voskamp shows us how can we become a safe place for others. Ann Voskamp joins the team at the table right here on Discover the Word!

"The ministry of presence" Part 9

According to Ann Voskamp, “When pain is the deepest, words are the fewest.” Today on Discover the Word, the team and special guest Ann Voskamp consider how sometimes we’re called to say nothing. Listen today to hear about “the ministry of presence” on Discover the Word!

Broken and useful Part 10

How can something broken be useful? Well, today on Discover the Word, the team will conclude a series of conversations with Ann Voskamp and discuss how brokenness, authenticity, and intimacy actually go hand in hand. Finish our series of conversations with Ann Voskamp on… “The Broken Way,”  today on Discover the Word!