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Global impact begins with our local community Part 5

I think it’s safe to say we all want to make a difference in the world, in some small or big way. But where do we start? Today the Discover the Word team concludes their weeklong study in the gospel of John, with the revelation that global impact begins in our local community. Making a “glocal” difference, it’s the conclusion to…

Jesus is making all things new Part 4

Out with the old, in with the new! Today on Discover the Word, the team continues their study in the gospel of John, looking at how Jesus removes anything that stands in the way of our relationship with God, even if that “thing” is religion. Jesus is making all things new, and that includes you and me! Today on Discover…

The first miracle Jesus performed Part 3

You’ve probably heard someone say, “Everything happens for a reason”! Well today on Discover the Word, we will take a closer look at the first miracle Jesus performed, playing wine steward at a wedding in John chapter one. What was John’s reason for recording this miracle? Listen today to Discover the Word!

Putting your beliefs into action Part 2

We can say we believe something, but until we put those beliefs into action you have to question whether we actually do believe. Today on Discover the Word, the team continues their series titled, “The Call to Believe.” And answering the call begins by hearing. So listen today, as together we study the life-changing wisdom of the Bible, here on Discover…

“The call to believe” Part 1

Comics write jokes to get a laugh, news anchors write to share information, and the apostle John wrote to announce . . . what? Well, today on Discover the Word, the team kicks off a gripping new series examining John’s gospel and why he told the Jesus story the way he did. It’s a persuasive and challenging discussion—“The Call to…

The Christian's dilemma of having dual citizenship Part 10

Christians face an interesting dilemma, living as dual citizens of both the country of their residence and the kingdom of God. So, how can we respect those in authority over us on earth, while also being faithful to the God of heaven? That’s a problem that Elisha faced in the book of Second Kings. Tune in today for another important conversation in…

Being a part of God’s “upside down” kingdom Part 9

The Bible tells us that often God’s ways are not our ways. And maybe nowhere is that clearer than in “The Miraculous Life of Elisha.” Join us today on Discover the Word as we’ll be unpacking what it means to be a part of God’s “upside down” kingdom. Challenge your assumptions today, right here on Discover the Word!

God’s power is greater still Part 8

Even when God’s people seem without hope, God’s power is greater still. With God, nothing is impossible. That’s another lesson we learn from “The Miraculous Life of Elisha” today on Discover the Word. Join us as we learn that when God speaks, there is always hope.

Scriptures that beg the question, “Why did we need to know that?” Part 7

Sometimes, you come across a section of the Bible that makes you do a double-take. Why did we need to know that? Today on Discover the Word, we’ll have a conversation on one such passage. It’s a disturbing part of “The Miraculous Life of Elisha.” Don’t miss it today on Discover the Word!

How do we treat our enemies? Part 6

Today on Discover the Word, the group explores together one of the most difficult questions in the Bible: How do we treat our enemies? Is it any different from how we most often want to treat our enemies? You won’t want to miss this conversation in the Discover the Word series about “The Miraculous Life of Elisha.”

God, Elisha, and miracles Part 5

Miracles can be weird! Flaming chariots, healing leprosy, by their very definition, miracles aren’t things that happen every day! So how do we understand the many miracles God performed through the life of the Old Testament prophet Elisha? Today on Discover the Word, we continue the series on “The Miraculous Life of Elisha.” Tune in today on Discover the Word!


God knows your future Part 4

Today on Discover the Word the group focuses on a keen insight into the obvious that we find throughout the Bible—God knows the future, and we don’t. Another example of that as we look at the “Miraculous Life of Elisha” once again today. You’ll be encouraged . . . right here  on Discover the Word!

Is God concerned with the small things? Part 3

How concerned is God with the small, everyday things in our lives? Well, today on Discover the Word as we look back at “The Miraculous Life of Elisha,” we see how concerned God was with the loss of a borrowed tool. The miracle of the floating ax head—discover what that’s all about when you listen to Discover the Word!

Is God your “number one”? Part 2

Following God isn’t always easy, but one thing we can be pretty sure of is that when we’re “looking out for number one,” and that number one is me, we’re headed down a wrong path. Today on Discover the Word, the group digs into “The Miraculous Life of Elisha” to find out who “number one” always is. Don’t miss today on…

“The Miraculous Life of Elisha” Part 1

Today on Discover the Word, the group kicks off another segment in an ongoing series on the life of the Old Testament prophet Elisha. His was definitely an amazing life, so be part of the group as they explore “The Miraculous Life of Elisha” together. Be encouraged by God’s amazing power, today on Discover the Word!