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Discovering the Key to Peace and Unity Part 10

“If you two don’t stop fighting, I’ll turn this car around!” That’s a line that’s been said too many times. But have you ever found yourself in the car with two quarreling kids? Today on Discover the Word, we’ll see that Paul was in a position much like this, with a church struggling with infighting. What’s the key to maintaining peace…

Developing A Mature Godly Love Part 9

Throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus embracing children, and encouraging us to have “faith like a child.” But isn’t there a difference between childlikeness and childishness? Today, the Discover the Word team discusses the apostle Paul’s instruction to leave our childish ways behind so we can develop mature, godly love. That’s our topic today on Discover the Word!

How Do We Prevent Broken Relationships? Part 8

Today on Discover the Word, the team continues our study of First Corinthians, chapter 13 with an honest conversation about having a “falling out” with a friend or loved one. How do we prevent broken relationships? Find out when you listen today to Discover the Word!

Love That Lasts A Lifetime … And Beyond Part 7

No matter how well we take care of our homes or cars, they get old and worn out. Even our bodies feel the effects of time! But today on Discover the Word, we’re taking a look at one thing that will last forever. Tune in for a conversation about love that lasts a lifetime and beyond. That’s today on Discover the Word!

The “Love Chapter” Part 6

Do you remember the first time you met a special someone, and you felt butterflies in your stomach? Romantic love is powerful and has inspired its fair share of songs and poems. But today on Discover the Word, we’ll see that the most famous “love chapter” in the Bible isn’t really about romance. Tune in  today for another conversation on First…

Discover How The Bible Helps Us Find A Balance Part 5

When you start making plans, do you tend toward being pragmatic or idealistic? Are you a realist or an idealist? Well, today on Discover the Word, the team will show us how the Bible helps us find that balance as we continue our study of First Corinthians chapter 13, the “love chapter.” Join us for a clarifying discussion today on Discover the…

Keeping Our Feet On The Ground Part 4

There’s a fine line between hope and wishful thinking. Today, the Discover the Word team discusses how we can keep our feet on the ground and our head out of the clouds without becoming cynical. Discover how to live with faith, hope, and love when you tune in today to Discover the Word!

Balancing Our Faith With Critical Thinking Part 3

Today on Discover the Word, the team discusses the perplexing command in First Corinthians to “believe all things.” Doesn’t “believes all things” sound way too gullible? And how do we balance faith with critical thinking? Find out when you tune in today on Discover the Word!

“Falling Into Love: Part 3” Part 2

From the Garden of Eden to the Watergate scandal, it’s human nature to hide our sin—to cover it up. But today on Discover the Word, we’ll see how God’s covering of our sin frees us from having to hide. There’s no cover-up needed here! Tune in today as together we Discover the Word!

The Role Love Plays In Shaping Our Story Part 1

From movies and TV, to storybooks and fireside tales, people love stories! But the best stories are true stories. And today on Discover the Word, the team kicks off the final installment of their “Falling into Love” series based on First Corinthians 13. It’s a conversation about how we relate to the truth and the role love plays in shaping our…

Gaining God’s Heart While Following His Law Part 5

When a student decides to become a lawyer, they hit the books! A lot of books. But today, the Discover the Word team sums up God’s law in one sentence. And while it’s easy to state, living it out sure isn’t. So how do we gain God’s heart and follow His laws? It’s another way to answer the question the current series…

When God Calls Us To Submit . . . Or Resist Part 4

From preschool to adulthood, submission to authority isn’t all that popular. But today on Discover the Word, we’ll see how God calls us to submit to governing authorities and when we’re called to resist. Learn to live in the tension of being a citizen of heaven living on earth when you tune in to Discover the Word!

Division Is Nothing New . . . What’s The Solution? Part 3

From politics to personal relationships, it seems like people are more divided than ever before. Even in the church! But today, the Discover the Word team learns that division is nothing new and the bottom-line solution offered by the apostle Paul to the Romans still applies to us today. Join the conversation on Discover the Word!


Unity In God’s Kingdom Part 2

When we think of “gifted” people, it’s usually in reference to someone who’s a cut above the rest. More talented, more intelligent, more gifted! But today on Discover the Word, we’ll see how each of us is gifted for the purpose of unity in God’s kingdom. “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”  Listen today on Discover the Word!

Living At Peace With Those Around Us Part 1

Don’t you wish everyone could just get along? From bickering families to warring nations, the world is filled with people who can’t seem to get along. So how can we learn to live at peace with those around us? Today on Discover the Word, the team will start a two-week study in the book of Romans called “Why Can’t We…