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Discover how to appropriately express righteous anger Part 10

We all lose our cool from time to time. But according to the “Discover the Word” team, we need to be mindful of not just what we say, but how we communicate it!

Find out why reconciliation is an important part of the Christian life Part 11

If you’ve been a member of a church for long you know it’s not always easy to get along with other Christians! Let's study Jesus’ illustrations in the Sermon on the Mount.

Discover the biblical prescription for clearing up disagreements Part 12

The process of reconciliation can sometimes be messy, but according to Scripture, the health of our relationships is important to God! Perhaps there’s someone you need to get right with.

Uncover practical tools for mending relationships Part 13

Relationships aren’t easy to maintain. And when a rift occurs between you and another believer, the damage isn’t easy to repair!

Discover a helpful perspective for repairing broken relationships Part 14

The longer we leave relational disagreements unresolved, the harder it is to bridge the gap and mend the relationship. Perhaps there’s someone you need to reconcile with.

A timely discussion on the dangers of lust Part 15

Our culture is saturated with sexualized messages. So much so, that we can become numb to the destruction these messages cause in our hearts, and in our relationships. Let's study Jesus’ teaching in Matthew chapter five, verse 27.

Why do people allow sin to control their lives? Part 18

When we live in sin for a long time, it can be more comfortable to stay where we are than to find freedom from what’s holding us captive.

Discover the sensitive issues addressed in Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount Part 19

Just as a parent sets guidelines for their child’s benefit, God puts measures in place to protect His children, as well. Perhaps you harbor a nagging suspicion that God doesn’t really have your best in mind.

Let’s talk about divorce, and what Jesus taught on this sensitive and timeless subject Part 21

Jesus addressed the most sensitive and relevant topics of His day . . . and His teaching in the Sermon on the Mount is equally relevant today!

Looking at divorce and remarriage in the context of the Sermon on the Mount Part 22

When the happy couple says their vows, they never imagine their marriage ending in divorce. And yet, keeping marriages intact has been a struggle for centuries.

Let’s discuss the sensitive issue of working through difficulties in marriage Part 23

It’s never easy to end a relationship, but when a marriage is torn apart by divorce the outcome can be devastating.

Discover how our attitude impacts the way we deal with sensitive issues Part 24

When you really dig into it, Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount is all about having the right attitude. A helpful discussion on the sensitive issues such as divorce and remarriage.

Discover how using the Beatitudes as our guide can change the way we respond to our loved ones Part 25

In the heat of an argument, it’s easy to pass blame onto the other person, often without regard to how we’ve contributed to the situation!

What we can learn from Jesus’ teaching on divorce? Part 26

God’s ideal plan for marriage is one man and one woman, for life. But in a world marred with sin, the ideal is harder and harder to live up to! Let's study Jesus' teaching on divorce.

A timely discussion on divorce from Jesus’ teaching in Matthew chapter five Part 27

Marriage isn’t easy. And when times get tough, do you throw in the towel, or stick it out and try to make things work?