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Gain insight into what it means to love others, and to trust God Part 13

Just like those who lived in Old Testament times, we live in a fallen world. Study the book of Ruth for insight into what it means to love others, and to trust God in the twenty-first century.

A timely reminder on the importance of context in understanding Scripture Part 14

If we’re not careful, we can misconstrue passages of the Bible, and completely miss the lesson God wants to teach us!

Discover tools people use to help them make good decisions Part 15

When you’re faced with an ethical decision, how do you go about making the right choice? Don’t miss the helpful discussion.

Is there something you’re up against, and you need to know which path to take? Part 16

Are you facing a tough decision today? Character greatly influences the way we make decisions.

Look at Ruth’s life to see what courageous faith looks like when uncertainty stands in our way Part 17

Expressing our faith doesn’t mean we blindly follow God. Faith is exercising trust in Him when faced with the unknown.

Let’s take a fresh look at Ruth chapter three, by examining the historical and cultural context Part 18

If you’ve ever traveled to another country, you’ve likely admired the customs that differ from our own.

Let’s take an honest look at the expectations we have of God Part 20

We all have assumptions about how God should work in a given situation. But so often God doesn’t work in the ways we expect! Don’t miss this helpful discussion.

Discover how God intervenes in our lives Part 21

Have you ever prayed for a miracle, and been disappointed with the outcome? Just because God doesn’t respond in the way we think He should, doesn’t mean He isn’t at work!

Explore how God works in both the miraculous and the ordinary Part 22

God doesn’t expect us to sit back and let Him do all the work. We have to do our part too! Explore the different ways God works in us and with us.

Does God intervene in more ways than just the miraculous? Part 23

When we read accounts in the Bible such as God parting the Red Sea, or Jesus healing the sick, if we’re not careful, we may start to believe God works in radical ways or not at all.

Let’s look at the life of the apostle Paul and find encouragement for getting through the tough days Part 24

Sometimes the most profound works of God are ones that no one can see. They are found in the powerful lessons we learn through the difficult moments of life.

The Hebrew term "hesed" and what it means for our lives today Part 25

God has a loyal love for His children that stretches into eternity! No matter how many times we fail Him, God’s unending love for us never fails! Let's study the Hebrew term "hesed" and what it means for our lives today. Perhaps you could use a word of encouragement today.

Find practical life lessons for extending God’s faithful, loyal love to others Part 26

There’s a lot we can learn about how to interact with others from the loyal love God shows us personally. Let's unravel the intricacies of the Hebrew term for this remarkable love: "hesed."

Let’s look at examples of loyal love shown in practical, everyday situations Part 27

There’s no better way to understand the loyal love of God, than to see it at work in people’s lives. Perhaps you, or someone you know, care for an aging parent, or a family member with a difficult medical condition.

Are God’s gifts evident in your life? Part 31

James 1:17 states, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father.” Let's discuss this verse in light of our study in the book of Ruth.