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If Jesus came to your home or church, would you welcome Him? Part 11

Whether they come from a different culture, political party, or religious belief system, it’s tough loving those who are different from us!

Unraveling an apparent contradiction Part 14

In our culture, it’s considered politically incorrect to exclude someone based on race or religious beliefs. How could the Israelites accept Ruth into their society, a Moabite, when the law specifically stated not to intermingle with other nations?

Get a fresh perspective on the Law from the book of Ruth Part 15

At first glance, the Old Testament law appears harsh and legalistic. When we get a correct view of the Law, and the intent and purpose behind it, we see it’s infused with grace and mercy.

Explore the difficulties that arise when different cultures collide Part 16

In the Great Commission, Jesus called His followers to preach the gospel to all nations. Sounds simple, right? God’s desire is for the church to come together despite all differences.

Welcoming those who are different Part 17

Are you actively showing God’s grace to men and women who may take you outside your comfort zone? Reflecting on the history of the church and emphasizing God’s desire for us to welcome those who are different.

An important discussion on questions about our faith Part 18

We live in a culture that believes all truth is relative. Truth is in the eyes of the beholder. Let's address this fallacy, and other important questions about our faith.

Can you recall experiences that reveal the unmistakable fingerprints of God in your life? Part 19

God is at work in our lives, even when we don’t realize it! Let's uncover experiences that to some may seem like luck, or happenstance, but upon reflection, reveal the unmistakable fingerprints of God.

A closer look at the interactions Boaz had with those who worked for him Part 20

The service industry is often a thankless job. Whether you’re waiting in line at McDonald’s, or you’re calling a customer service line to report an issue, how you treat those who provide services for you reveals character.

The dramatic moment when Boaz and Ruth met Part 21

Experience an in-depth conversation about the book of Ruth. It’s a timely reminder about treating others with kindness and generosity.

Translate ancient Hebrew to gain a better understanding of the book of Ruth Part 22

When you travel to a foreign country there’s often a language barrier to overcome. Words and phrases you’re accustomed to using don’t always mean the same thing in other languages.

Find hope for living a life of faith in the midst of an unbelieving generation Part 23

The biblical story of Ruth took place at a time when the Israelite nation was in moral and spiritual darkness.

Gain a whole new perspective on the life of Ruth Part 24

Proverbs chapter 31 describes the epitome of what a woman of noble character looks like. If you’re familiar with the chapter, you may be thinking it’s a standard no woman can reach! Enjoy a lively discussion!

How is the Proverbs 31 woman misunderstood by our generation? Part 25

The Proverbs 31 woman is described as virtuous and noble. And in today’s culture, those terms could be misconstrued as meaning weak or passive.

An insightful look into the character of Ruth Part 26

When we think of the word “patience,” we often picture someone who passively sits by waiting for something or someone. But when we look at the life of Ruth, we find that patience is active!

Reflect on the patience and determination of Ruth and find practical application for your life Part 27

When someone you love has a need, you don’t sit passively by. Instead, you jump into action, determined to meet their need head on!