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Find Out How God Is Trying To Speak To You! Part 37

If you can’t hear Him, or see Him . . . just how does God speak to His people today?

The Power Of Humility In Our Daily Lives Part 31

In Luke 18:14, Jesus stated, “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

There’s A Fine Line Between Humility And Pride Part 30

There’s a fine line between humility and pride. Pride tries to draw attention . . . and humility attempts to deflect it. And yet, sometimes in our best moments . . . we still find ourselves slipping into a proud position.

A Fascinating Discussion About Humility Part 29

The subtle difference between humility and pride. One deflects attention . . . and the other draws it. But sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Do You Find It Difficult To Schedule In-depth Bible-study Time Every Day? Part 28

Whether you’re in the workplace or managing a family at home, it’s hard to carve out a few quiet moments with God. Let's join an insightful discussion on the Scriptures.

Let’s Grapple With The Problem Of Pride Part 27

Self-righteous is a term we don’t use very often today. It’s a phrase that describes people who lord their accomplishments over us.

One Of Jesus’ Most Profound Anecdotes On Life Part 26

We never outgrow our need for God. No matter how good we think we are, we’ve all fallen short of God’s standard. Need a dose of encouragement?

How To Resolve The Problem Of “when Being Good Is Not Good Enough” Part 25

No matter how much we put in the offering plate on Sunday, or how engaged we are in church activities, we still fall short of God’s perfect standard.

A Revealing Discussion On Out-of-the Blue Blessings Part 24

Ever receive a substantial gift from a friend that was entirely unexpected? It’s easy to think we somehow deserve them and forget that they’re an unearned expression of someone’s love.

The Effect Pride Can Have On Our Relationships . . . And Most Importantly, How We Relate To God Part 23

Have you ever met someone so wrapped up in how great they are that you felt . . . well, a little less significant?

Remembering We Should Live Our Lives For An “audience Of One” Part 22

There’s a subtle temptation to live our spiritual lives for an audience of onlookers . . . rather than the “audience of One” . . . our heavenly Father. Saying the right thing at Bible study, having a prominent part in the Sunday service . . . it’s all good, but not the right focus.

The Need For Grace At Every Step Of The Journey Part 21

We begin the Christian life with the best intentions. Go to church on Sunday, tithe ten percent . . . but in the midst of learning to look like a Christian, sometimes we forget the grace we found at the foot of the cross.

A Lively Discussion On Humility Part 10

The game of comparison is a dangerous one to play. Unfortunately, it’s a trap that impacts us all. Considering ourselves better than others is harmful . . . not just to the other person, but to our relationship with God, as well.

An Eye-opening Conversation On Self-righteousness Part 4

Whether we admit it or not, we’ve all had moments when we criticize others for their weakness . . . and gain a little self-importance in the process. As it turns out, people have been struggling with pride since the beginning of creation!

The Parable Of Charles And Billy Joe - A New Spin On An Old Story Part 3

Sometimes we marginalize the stories in the Bible. Because we’ve heard them so often, we fail to appreciate their deep meaning in our life. Haddon Robinson re-introduces a story we’ve heard before, but in a way you’ve probably never considered.